Programs to help you succeed

If you’re just starting, almost finished, or at the midway point, these programs are here to help you succeed.   Math Leap is designed to help you stay fresh on your math skills, while ALEKS, a unique, specialized software, helps determine which math class you should take.


Math Leap

The Math Leap program is designed to give students the opportunity to review their math knowledge in a friendly, student-centered environment using ALEKS. The goal is to help you eliminate a semester or more of math!


The program begins with a pre-test that will determine the knowledge of each participant. A customized study path is then be created for each student, focusing on the areas that need the most work.


Participants will have access to online resources to help them master the necessary concepts. You’re expected to come to class every day for the three weeks of the program. During class time, you will receive individualized instruction from both the online software and a faculty member. You are also expected to work from home.


Students will then be given a post-test to place into a higher math class. The post-test placements will vary based upon individual effort during the program.



ALEKS is a groundbreaking technology developed from research by a team of software engineers, mathematicians, and cognitive scientists. ALEKS is a fundamentally different from other educational software because it utilizes an artificial intelligence engine that continuously assess each student individually.