Frequently Asked Questions Summer 2021

Summer semester is a great time to focus on your education and get ahead. Stay the course. 

Where can I find summer semester 2021 registration dates and deadlines?

The information can be found on UVU’s website at this link.

When does summer semester 2021 officially begin?

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Will all 2021 summer semester classes be taught online?

No, summer semester classes will be delivered via Face-to-Face, Online and Livestream formats.

How will the 2021 summer semester classes be taught?

Classes will be taught using three types of  delivery formats during summer semester: Online, Face-to-Face and Livestream.

Face-to-Face: Lecture will be held live, in assigned classroom on specific days and times.

Online: Lecture is 100% online via Canvas.  Students do not meet on specific days or times.  May require proctored exams, but there are no other location-bound requirements.

Livestream: Lecture is held live on specific days and times using MS Teams.  Students join and interact using their own device.  Physical classroom space is not scheduled.


Some Combinations may be offered:

Face-to-Face + Online:  A combination of Face-to-Face lecture and online elements.

Livestream + Online:  A combination of Livestream lecture held at a specific time using MS Teams and online lecture via Canvas.

Face-to_face + Livestream:  A combination of Face-to-Face lecture in a classroom and Livestream lecture using MS Teams.

Will my classes be held at their regularly scheduled times?

This will depend on the delivery format.  Please see the above question.

How will I complete my coursework?

In Face-to-Face and Livestream classes, you will meet with your professor and classmates at the regularly scheduled time, either in Microsoft Teams or inside Canvas.  An announcement will be posted in Canvas telling you how to access the class as well as other learning materials and assignments.  For every hour in class, you should expect two hours of learning outside of class.  For online classes, you will get instruction from your professor through Canvas.  

What different types of instruction should I expect?

Every course will be different, so use the course syllabus to guide you. Inside Canvas you will find reading materials, web resources, assignments, videos, visuals, and other learning activities.

Discussion boards allow you to interact with your classmates and professor. Use Canvas Conversations to reach out to them as well. UVU provides Microsoft Teams for  (real-time) conversations.

If the coronavirus starts to go away, will all of my classes move to face-to-face instruction?

All summer semester courses are anticipated to be online, Face-to-Face or Livestream formats.  And we anticipate that whatever format the class begins in, it will finish in the same format.

Which grading format will be used during summer semester?

Grading for the summer semester will be normal. This means individual course grading modes (standard letter grades) will be used. The credit/no credit option that was used spring of 2020 will not be available.

Should I just wait until all classes revert back to face-to-face instruction

We recommend that you not wait because it will stop your momentum toward your degree.  

Will any block classes change to full-semester classes since they will be offered remotely or online, especially for math and English?

No, math and English classes will remain as scheduled. Students often need to complete these courses prior to a certain date in order to apply for other programs.

Can I complete my math placement in summer semester and register for a math class in the fall?

UVU will offer Math Leap sessions all summer — both face-to-face and livestream, synchronous delivery — in which a full-time faculty member will teach you through Microsoft Teams using the ALEKS learning system. You will be able to ask questions via Teams.

Each three-week Math Leap session is $25 with scheduled classes twice a week. You will need to spend time outside of class working in the ALEKS learning system. Passing the system’s math modules will qualify you to register for a math class in the fall. For more information, see the math success website.

Can I study the ALEKS modules on my own?

If you are a motivated, do-it-yourself student, you can work on the ALEKS modules on your own to prepare for math placement. See ALEKS Account Setup for step-by-step account setup instructions. A subscription fee may be required based upon student status.

ALEKS will map math topics you will need to improve to place in your targeted math course. After studying, you will take a proctored ALEKS test through UVU’s Testing Services. For proctored ALEKS testing information please email Their customer care team will email you within 24 business hours to review the needed technology you must provide, survey your testing environment, and establish a testing appointment. 

How can I contact my academic advisor?

Your academic advisors are prepared to answer your questions and help you navigate our teaching system. Here is how to find your advisor with contact information:

  1. Log in to At this point, you will also need to log in through Duo authentication.
  2. Select the “Students” tab on the left.
  3. You will see your advisor information in the right hand column.  You may need to scroll down.
  4. This area will provide their name, phone number, and office number.  And a button to send them en email message.

What can I do if a faculty member if is not responding in a timely manner?

Your professor should communicate with you in Canvas before the start of the semester and communicate with you regularly thereafter.   Email if your professor not responding.

Do I need my schedule set by a certain date for financial aid purposes?

Yes, to qualify for financial aid for summer semester, you must register for classes by May 27, 2021 — and second-block courses need to be included. UVU will look at enrollment numbers on that date to determine financial aid eligibility. Changing your enrollment after that date may have implications for your financial aid. Be sure to check with the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office if you are considering changing your schedule.

Can I use the library during summer semester?

Yes, all floors of the Fulton Library will be available during summer semester, including the computer lab.     Summer Library Hours:  M-F 7:00am-9:00pm, Sat 9:00am - 5:00pm, Sun 1:00pm - 9:00pm

When will fall semester 2021 registration begin?

Fall registration dates and deadlines can be found here.

What is the official first day of fall semester 2021?

Monday, August 23, 2021