Getting Started

How do I schedule a campus visit with my son/daughter and talk to someone in a specific academic department?

Call the UVU Prospective Student Services office at 801-863-8811 to arrange a tour of campus and meet with specific departments, or visit uvu.edu/admissions/.

How does my child apply to UVU?

You can complete the application in paper format or online. Go to http://uvu.edu/admissions/ to learn more. There are instructions for applying as a new student, transfer student, returning student, and more.

Are test scores required to get into UVU?

UVU is an open-admission university, meaning no student is denied admission. The University does, however, have enrollment standards in order to help students enroll in courses that match their academic preparation and ability.
Official ACT/SAT or Math & English Placement Scores must be received by the Office of Admissions by the admissions deadline.

  1. Students under the age of 20: Current ACT/SAT scores are required. If the ACT or SAT has not been completed, or is expired (Math expires after two years, English expires after three years), placement testing (ACT-R or Accuplacer) is required. Information, exam costs and hours are available at uvu.edu/testingservices
  2. Students 20 and older: Math and English placement test scores are required. Students can take the Accuplacer at the UVU Testing Services in the Wolverine Service Center. Information, exam costs and hours are available at uvu.edu/testingservices.
  3. If college level English or math courses have been taken, and transfer in to UVU, those credits may be able to be used instead of placement testing.

What does my student need to complete before registering for school?

UVU has a "What's Next" checklist that explains what needs to be done prior to registration.

Do you have on-campus housing?

No; however, there are dozens of privately owned student housing complexes near UVU with room for thousands of students, many of which are within walking distance of the University. UVU can assist you in finding housing that has been pre-approved by our Housing Office for your student. Call 801-863-8797 or search the listings online.

Why should my student live in UVU-sponsored housing?

Although UVU does not have on-campus housing, we do offer sponsored housing. Sponsored housing complexes are in cooperation with UVU and in partnership with the Residential Engagement Coordinator (REC) program. The REC program facilitates activities on a weekly basis that involve students in engaged activities at the apartment complex, designed to bring students together in common social communities. For a complete list of UVU-sponsored housing complexes, visit uvu.edu/housing/.

How do I find out about residency requirements?

After my child becomes a student, can I see his/her grades?

Generally, no. You do not automatically have access to your child's educational records (grades, tuition bill, student health records, etc) because of FERPA laws. You must be able to provide documentation that establishes that you provide one-half or more of your student's support.  Learn more about FERPA.

Will my student be required to complete orientation before he or she can register for classes?

Yes. All new students are required to complete new student orientation before they can register for classes. Your student will receive notification on how to complete the orientation requirement. Visit uvu.edu/orientation/ to find out more information.


What if my student doesn't see the major they want on the list?

Sometimes majors are listed under a different name than what your student may be looking for. For example, you won't find psychology on a list of majors. Psychology is an emphasis under the "Behavioral Science" major. Another example is "Exercise Science" which is listed under "Physical Education and Recreation." View UVU's degrees and programs.

My student is not sure that he/she wants a four-year bachelor's degree. What types of two-year degree programs does UVU offer?

Most of UVU’s vocational and trade programs offer a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree. You can get this degree in all housing construction trades, business, nursing, computers and many other areas. This degree is available because certain employers are ready to hire students after two-year degree training and do not require a bachelor’s degree.

Financial Aid

Are there any resources to help my student pay for his/her education?

YES! Financial Aid offers numerous varieties of aid. To learn more go to the UVU Financial Aid homepage.

Here are some additional excellent resources:
Funding Your Education
Guide to Federal Student Aid
Financial Aid Checklist

Concurrent Enrollment

If my student is taking a concurrent enrollment class from UVU, does he/she need to apply for admission to UVU?

Yes. High school students who are concurrently enrolled at UVU must complete all admissions “getting started” requirements. Concurrent enrollment students will also need to submit any scholarship applications by Feb. 1.

Will concurrent enrollment classes be acceptable as college credit anywhere?

Concurrent enrollment credit is accepted in the same manner as all other Utah Valley University credits when transferring to other institutions.


Do general education classes transfer to other schools?

When your student completes UVU’s general education requirements, they will be accepted by all of Utah's state-run schools as fulfilling their general education requirements. They will also be accepted by BYU as meeting their GE requirements providing they have completed an associate degree at UVU. (Caution: this does not apply to the Associate in Applied Science degree, because it does not satisfy lower level bachelor's degree requirements.)

If my student plans on a major for which UVU does not have a bachelor’s degree, why should he/she consider UVU rather that go directly to the school which offers the bachelor’s program that he/she wants?

In spite of a full decade of explosive growth, UVU still offers a world of education on a personal level. Smaller class sizes provide a natural transition from high school to college and can help in the success of your student’s college career, even if he or she chooses to transfer away later on.


Does UVU have resources to help my student succeed?

YES! We have created a resource list that is organized according to the items students struggle with the most. In addition, your student can always contact their advisor or course instructor for assistance.

My child is a veteran. What type of services do they qualify for?

Visit veteran services to learn more about services available.

My son/daughter has a learning disability. Do you have any special help for him/her?

UVU has a superb team of specialists to assist those with learning disabilities as well as those who just need additional help in learning specific subjects. We have both an Accessibility Services Officeand a tutoring center. Accessibility Services may be contacted at (801) 863-8747.