The program is a regimented course that demands respect and attention to detail. Maturity is a must in order to graduate and seek employment as a law enforcement officer. If you feel prepared and are willing to make the academy experience a top priority in your life, continue through the application process.


Review requirements

Cadets must be 21 years of age before the end of SFO (Special Functions Officer) class, be a U.S. Citizen or legal permanent resident (LPR), and pass a background check. Cadets should review additional qualifications and legal requirements at the Utah POST website.


Required materials

The following materials are required to apply to Utah POST:

  • Birth certificate
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Medical release form
  • A photograph
  • Other material if applicable

Other material needed can be found at Utah POST Standards and Trainings Website.


Schedule an Appointment

Meet with the UVU Police Academy Office for additional information and application instructions. We will help guide and direct you to make sure that your required materials are correct and that you are ready to begin your application. Call 801-863-6156 to schedule and appointment.


Apply to POST

Apply on the Utah POST website under the applicant form center. Online applications to Utah POST are considered your application to the UVU Law Enforcement Program. After submission, an email will be sent saying it has been received . Application must be received at least four weeks before the Academy starts.


Apply to UVU

You must be admitted into UVU to complete the application process. A UVU ID number is required to register for the academy. Apply at our admissions page as an undergraduate. Once you are admitted, you will be enrolled as a Criminal Justice student for the upcoming semester.


Attend application review session

Approximately two months before the start of the first module, applicants will have the opportunity to attend a meeting and application review session with the academy director and staff. If you are unable to attend the review session or if you are applying after the session, individual interviews will be made available.

Questions about the application process?
Call us today at 801.863.6156 or send in a question through our form.