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Students can find their UVID with the Find your UVID  page and use it to login to myUVU.  

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You can reset your password at myUVU or by calling the UVU Help Desk at 801-863-8888, option 3

Course Listings by School

View what Concurrent Enrollment and Live Interactive courses are taught at your high school

Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course

Students can drop and withdraw from a course in myUVU within the appropriate concurrent enrollment deadlines. If deadlines have passed and a student wants to withdraw from a course, they must complete an academic petition through the concurrent enrollment petition website.

Exceptions to Academic Policy

 Students may apply for an exception to academic policy only in the case of a documented extenuating circumstance. They can apply for a review of their circumstance by visiting the petition website. The Concurrent Enrollment Exceptions Committee will review completed petitions on a case-by-case basis.

Please note: A student must be admitted to UVU under the admission status High School Concurrent Enrollment during the semester-in-question to be eligible to use this petition process (Reference Step 1: Admission --

Frequently Asked Questions

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Students can find final grades in myUVU. Check with your instructor for progress grades.

UVU Transcript Information

Order your official transcript. If you need to see your academic record, you can view it in myUVU.

Repeating a Concurrent Enrollment Course

High School students are not allowed to repeat a concurrent enrollment course. Courses may be retaken on-campus, but are subject to full tuition and student fees
Note: Repeat classes do not remove the original grade from the UVU transcript. The most recent grade will be calculated for the UVU GPA.

Academic Warning or Probation

If a student is on Academic Warning or Academic Probation, they will need to set an appointment to meet with a Concurrent Enrollment Advisor.

Bridge Language Program

The Bridge Program provides advanced language and culture classes in high schools throughout the state of Utah. These courses provide an opportunity for fluent students to continue to learn and practice a foreign language after they have passed the AP test.

To participate in this program, students must pass the AP or NEWL test for their specific language and submit this score to UVU.

UVU offers Bridge program courses in Spanish, French, Chinese and Portuguese courses throughout Utah, Wasatch, and Summit counties. Offerings vary per high school. To know what your school offers, reach out to your CE coordinator or UVU’s CE department.