Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Concur?

  • Through Single Sign-On my UVU

What is a Travel Request?

  • Request replaces Travel Authorization Form
  • To provide details about the trip, including estimates of the travel cost
  • After the traveler submits the document, it routes electronically through work flow
  • Work flow is: Supervisor- Cost Object (Responsible Party on Index)

When is a Travel Request required?

  • It is required for all travel Concur is mandated for travel approval and expense
  • International travel (applies to all travel outside of the USA)
  • Out-of-state travel, for all university related travel. In state travel that requires an overnight stay. If you have mileage only, this needs to be submitted through single sign on through My UVU>Employee>Purchasing and Travel>Wolverine Marketplace

What is a UVU Travel Card? How do I get one?

  • UVU Travel card is a company bill company pay credit card for use of travel related purchases, while traveling on University business. You can obtain a Travel card by signing up for Concur training, filling out a Travel Card application including appropriate signatures, and returning it to the travel office (BA013). Once you have signed your Travel card agreement and attended training you are now able to use your card. UVU Travel card is not mandated. You can also access the Travel Application through My UVU>Employee>Purchasing and Travel.

How do I activate my UVU Travel Card ?

  • Call the customer service number on the sticker on your card. When it asks for the last 4 of your social we have defaulted that to be 1 2 3 4. The phone number associated with the card is Accounts Payable Main Line 801-863-8966. You can find this and a lot of information on how to manage your Travel card on myUVU>Employee>Purchasing & Travel then under CONCUR helpful documents Travel Booklet.

What expenses are allowed on the Agency Travel Card?

  • Airlines Rental Car Hotels Transportation Rental Car, Toll and Bridge, Parking

What if my card is denied ?

  • UVU has made every effort to ensure your cards are available for use when traveling. However, often If you are traveling out of state or out of the country you should call the customer service line to let them know to prevent the card from being declined. You can call customer service line or contact UVU Travel Office 801-863-8965 or

Are conference registration fees allowed on the Agency Travel Card?

  • Yes.

Am I required to book all my travel using Concur?

  • Concur is mandated for approval and expense. You do not have to book inside Concur and you do not have to use the UVU Travel card. However, travelers are encouraged to take advantage of the Concur tool when booking Travel. There are some exceptions, such as conference hotels, that will be booked outside

How do I book outside Concur?

  • For travel booked outside of Concur, the traveler is still required to submit a request and file an Expense report through Concur at the end of the trip to allocate UVU Travel Card Expenses, and seek reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses. Using the travel card, mobile applications, and booking within Concur makes building your Expense report much easier. If you book outside the system. Please take advantage of syncing your email through Profile settings>add email. Then forward your folio/itinerary to or Follow the step by step instructions for Trip It to import your travel itinerary.

Can I still use a travel agent to book travel?

  • Yes. For large groups you will need to contact purchasing. There are certain state guidelines around amounts that may require “bids”. You may also utilize the state travel agent at Christopherson Travel (801) 538-3350 Please be advised that a $25 fee is assessed when using a live agent. Christopherson Travel (801) 538-3350

How do I book a conference hotel rate if it is not in Concur?

  • Many conferences offer a special hotel rate to conferences attendees. These rates are typically not made available to everyone and are not available to book through Concur.
  • Contact the hotel directly or online to take advantage of the conference rate. Once travel is complete forward your folio to to drop it directly in to Concur to attach to your expense report

Why are my US Bank/UVU Travel Card Expenses not showing under the Available Card Charges in Concur?

  • It can take several business days for some of the US Bank charges to load to load into Concur. Wait until ALL charges have loaded into Concur to complete the Expense report.
  • Typical timeline:
    1. Vendor processes charge and send to US Bank
    2. US Bank post the charge to the account, and sends to Concur
    3. Concur receives charge and posts to traveler profile
  • Charges should appear in Concur one day after they post to US Bank. When the charge is posted to US Bank is entirely dependent on when the vendor processes the charge. If the charge occurs on a weekend, it can take a day longer.

How do I submit a Request?

  • Request replaces our Travel Authorization Form. Once submitted it follows the same approvals work flow. From the main Concur page (accessed from Single Sign on) Select Request tab. For more information on how to submit an expense please use the Help drop down. Help>training>Request>Manually Create and submit a request. Or call the travel department 801-863-8965 from the menu press one for help with creating a request.

How do I book a group?

  • For Group travel discounts *UVU Travel Considers a group of 10 or more travelers to be a “group” booking. Start your group booking by submitting a travel request with the list of travelers attached. Once your request has been submitted and approved, call Christopherson travel at 801-538-3350. Your request approval number is required at the time you are booking. You will also need the name (as it appears on government issued ID), birthdate, and gender of each traveler. This information is also required to be attached on the request submission. We realize that information may change as travelers are added or changed, in each booking. If you have additional questions please contact UVU Travel Department at 801-863-8965. Choose option 1 – questions regarding booking.

How do I book multiple travelers?

  • Each traveler will need to submit a request on their own profile. There are two options available.
    1. Once traveler has been approved book the flight through the Concur travel and let the other person know the details. The other person then logs on and books the same flight. This should work fine for small groups.
    2. Call Christopherson travel 801-538-3350 and book directly with an agent. You will need your approved travel request number to be able to book the flight.

How can I book a flight for my spouse/child/significant other?

  • UVU Employee will need to book the flight through the concur system on the UVU Travel Card then call Christopherson travel to book the additional flight. Using your personal credit card information. Christopherson can be reached at 801-538-3350. If you have any questions you can also contact UVU Travel 801-863-8965 and choose option 1.

How do I book a guest?

  • *UVU Travel considers a guest to be: Faculty/Staff Candidates, Conference/Symposium Speakers/Lecturer, or any non-employee traveling on University funds. Please contact UVU Travel Department for further instructions. You will need to be given additional permissions to accommodate booking for a guest traveler.

How do I book for a student?

  • Please contact UVU Travel Department for further instructions. You will need to be given additional permissions to accommodate booking for a student/guest traveler.

How do I submit an Expense?

  • Expense replaces the Travel Reimbursement form. You can start your expense by going to request from the main page and looking for a blue link on the right hand side that says Expense. When you click on the link it will start walking you through the process of building your expense report. For additional help, please see the Help drop down on the upper right of the main Concur page. From the drop down Training>Expense>then choose from the options provided and watch the short tutorial. If you have any questions you can also contact UVU Travel 801-863-8965 and choose option 1.

How do I get my receipts to Concur?

  • There are 3 easy ways to get your receipts into the Concur portal.
    1. E-receipts. This is the preferred method. Most hotels are set up of e-receipts, which means that all those details around room taxes and other charges that need to be itemized goes smoothly into your expense report. You can check the list of Concur e-receipt partners (e-receipt partners)
    2. Take a photo from your smart phone. You can then upload them from the Concur mobile application.
    3. Send them to the receipt store. You can do this by sending any electronic receipts to this allow your receipts to be waiting for you when you are ready to do your report. *Your email must be verified through the profile setting in order to used this option

How do I allocate and Expense to a different Index?

  • From the main expense page (accessed by starting on Request>Expense) you will click on the selected expense, then fill out all required information for that expense. The required fields are marked in red. Then at the bottom right of the screen there is a button marked Allocate. Press that button. On the top there is an allocate button drop down. From that drop down you can choose to allocate by a percentage or by a dollar figure. Fill out the amount or percentage then tab. You are able to choose the index (by code or text) once you have allocated press save. . For additional help, please see the Help drop down on the upper right of the main Concur page. From the drop down Training>Expense>then choose from the options provided and watch the short tutorial.

How do I get the Concur mobile application?

  • You can access step by step instructions from My UVU >Employee >Purchasing & Travel. If you still have questions you can call UVU Travel 801-863-8965.

How do I verify my email?

  • From your profile settings. On the left hand side under Your Information > Email addresses > Add an email address then verify. This verification will send an email your email with a code. You will then copy and paste the code into Concur in the box.

How do I add out-of-pocket expense non reimbursable expense to my Concur Expense Report?

  • Follow the directions to submit an expense. When you are choosing from the list of All Expense types > Under>08 Other> Personal/Non reimbursable: Then fill in required information including transaction date. A Receipts from the UVU Cashiers office is needed to show that you have paid back the university.