Tips for Parents

Becoming the parent of a college student

As your child makes the transition to being a college student, you will also be transitioning to the parent of a college student. To assist you with this transition, we have provided some hints and advice from Bill Erb, Licensed Professional Counselor and Director of Student Health Services at UVU. Below you will find some advice from him on making your child's transition to college, as well as your own transition to parenting a college student, more smooth.

"Top Ten" Tips for Parents

You may have already noticed that the relationship with your child is changing. Starting school is an exciting and important stage of life for your college-aged-child. As students enter adulthood, parents continue to play a vital role. However, the parenting role, goals and objectives have changed. You are now in the launching phase of parenting where self-confidence and autonomy are taught. It is important that parents begin to transition their parenting style into a coaching or advising role to facilitate the autonomy that is so critical in adulthood. Whether you are sending your first child to a university or your last, negotiating the changing relationship with your child can be a challenge. Here are 10 tips to help you make the transition.