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How We Help

In the Math Lab our goal is to help students better learn and understand mathematics. To accomplish this we strive to provide students with an atmosphere that is friendly, welcoming, and that helps them to become independent learners. Ultimately our hope is that we can help a student build a foundation of study skills that will help them in their math course and as they progress in their education.

Who We Help

The Math Lab serves UVU students and community members from various backgrounds and interests. Our services are always FREE; we only ask that when you visit any of our locations that you check-in so that we know who we are serving.


Tutor hours


Hours & Locations

The Math Lab has four locations on campus to serve students along with extended locations at Spanish Fork and Westlake high schools. Our locations are:

Math Lab - LA 201
East Math Lab - LA 207
Statistics Lab - LC 301
Developmental Math computer lab - LA 005

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The Math Lab provides handouts on many different math subjects ranging from foundational math concepts through Calculus. These handouts are provided to students to assist in better understanding concepts presented in their math courses.

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The Math Lab provides students with access to textbooks, calculators, markers, and other items. In addition to the resources available through the Math Lab there are many other valuable resources that can be found on the Internet that will help students gain a better understanding of concepts presented in their math courses.

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Study Here


Study Here

There’s no need to leave campus to study. Come to one of the tutoring labs and be surrounded by students working as hard as you are! In the labs you will find resources you need to succeed, classmates and professors to keep you going, and tutors to help answer your questions. Make sure you check-in and then let us know how we can help.