Checkout Periods and Protocols

Updated Aug 16, 2016
This protocol is governed by UVU Policy 541 (Section 5.3) and UVU Policy 371.

Checkout Periods

UVU Fulton Library is currently providing semester long checkouts for laptops and WiFi hotspots. Limited quantities are available on a first come, first-served basis to current students only (please, no faculty or staff). Students may check out one laptop and one hotspot.

Overdue laptops will be billed $25 per day up to a maximum of $125 in addition to the processing and replacement cost of the item. WiFi hotspots will be billed $25 per day up to a maximum of $125 in addition to the processing and replacement cost of $200.

UVU Affiliates

UVU Students, Faculty & Staff
Utah County Academy of Sciences (UCAS) and Concurrent Enrollment Students

Checkout periods for UVU affiliates.
Item Type(s) Books, CDs, Maps Videos Reserves Equipment
Patron Undergraduates, UCAS, Concurrent Enrollment Faculty, Staff & Graduate Students All UVU Affiliates All UVU Affiliates All UVU Affiliates
Checkout Period 4 Weeks 16 Weeks 4 Weeks Most are 2 Hours Most are 24 Hours
Number of Items Unlimited Unlimited 5 3 One per item type
Number of Renewals 2 2 2 0 0


UVU Guests

UVU Alumni, Community Patrons,
Utah Academic Library Consortium (UALC)

Checkout periods for UVU guests.
Item Type(s) Books, CDs, Maps Videos Reserves Equipment
Checkout Period 4 Weeks 4 Weeks Do Not Circulate Do Not Circulate
Number of Items 10 5 0 0
Number of Renewals 2 2 0 0

Checking Out Materials

A UVID or other state or federal issued ID is required for checkout.

Renewable items may be renewed twice in-person, online, or over the phone (801.863.8886).

A checkout receipt will be emailed within 24 hours.  Patrons are responsible for providing a current email address.

UVU Guests

Governed by UVU Policy #115:5.11.3

  • Students and faculty from BYU, Dixie, SLCC, Snow, SUU, U of U, USU, Weber, and Westminster are part of the Utah Academic Library Consortium (UALC) and may receive borrower privileges free of charge. Additionally, UVU Alumni and Community Patrons may receive borrower privileges free of charge.
    • Community Patrons (18+ years of age) must provide a current government issue ID card (driver license, etc.), address, phone number, and email address. UALC Patrons must also present valid institutional identification.
    • Inactive accounts will be removed annually.

Fines & Fees, and Lost & Damaged Items

Fine accrual rates
Books, Maps, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays $0.25/day Up to $5.00
Reserve Items $2.00/hr or $25.00/day Up to $50.00
Equipment Up to $25.00/day Up to $50.00


Patrons will receive a $5.00 fine if fragile and high-demand items marked with a book drop warning sticker are returned in the book drop. Patrons will be assessed a damage fee for any harm that occurs to equipment while checked out.

Checkout privileges will be blocked for patrons with more than $10.00 in fees, fines, or an expired account.

Items more than 30 days overdue are designated Lost, (Reserve Items and Equipment are designated Lost after three days) and the patron will be billed for replacement costs plus a $10.00 processing fee per item. Accounts with lost items will be sent to an outside collections agency after six months. Outstanding fees and fines will affect patron’s registration and graduation eligibility.

New/replacement copies of lost or damaged items cannot be accepted without prior consent from the library.

Holds and Recalls

A hold may be requested for any circulating item except equipment or reserve items.  Faculty may contact us to book equipment in advance.  Once a hold is available, the person will be notified by phone or e-mail. The item will be held for seven days, after which it will be removed and the item will either be placed on hold for the next person or placed back into general circulation.

UVU Affiliates may request that an item be recalled. The patron in possession of the item has up to four weeks to return the item to the Library. Once returned, the item is treated as a hold.

Proxy Checkout

Proxy Checkout is available to some registered borrowers when they wish to send someone to check out materials in their place. A Proxy Checkout group consists of a Primary Borrower and one or more Secondary Borrowers. Both the Primary and Secondary Borrower(s) must complete and sign the Proxy Checkout Form which must then be approved by a circulation supervisor or librarian.

Once approved, the Secondary Borrower(s) will have rights to check out library material using the Primary Borrower's record. The Primary Borrower is responsible for all late fines and/or other fees and is responsible for notifying the library when the Secondary Borrower’s rights should be rescinded.

Contact Us

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