Library Instruction Program

The Fulton Library offers a variety of basic and customized instruction workshops that help students develop the information literacy skills needed to use library resources and services effectively. Library instruction enhances a student's ability to locate appropriate research materials and improves the quality of academic research for papers and other projects. Information literacy is an Essential Learning Outcome for Utah Valley University that library instruction supports.

To schedule an instruction workshop, use our online scheduling system. Submit requests as early as possible to better guarantee your desired date(s). Library instruction is most successful when students come to the workshop prepared with topics and shortly before they begin a research assignment. Instruction in the Library’s computer labs gives students the opportunity for immediate hands-on practice. For more information about library instruction or for help with scheduling, contact the instruction coordinator at 801.863.7421.

Course-Specific Library Instruction

Librarians offer customized information literacy skills workshops for classes that include a research component. These workshops typically focus on library resources specific to the subject area, rather than the multidisciplinary resources that are the focus of Writing Program workshops. For best results, we recommend students come prepared to start work on a specific assignment. Workshops are taught by the library liaison for the class’s department or by another librarian who works with that particular college.

Faculty may contact their library liaison directly to discuss and schedule their session, or contact the instruction coordinator at 801.863.7421.

English 1010 and English 2010

The English Department encourages all English 1010 and English 2010 classes to include an instruction workshop with a librarian. We use a standard presentation in these classes, but please let us know if there are particular topics or research tools you would like us to cover and we can adjust the workshop accordingly. Library instruction is most successful when students come to the workshop prepared with topics and shortly before they begin a research assignment. It is beneficial for writing students to complete the Library's online Library Research Tutorial before attending the instruction workshop. The tutorial will introduce your students to library research concepts and help prepare them for their library visit.

Standard ENGL 1010 and 2010 presentations include the following topics:

  • Finding topic ideas
  • Selecting keywords
  • Evaluating sources (additional emphasis in 2010)
  • Using the Library’s OneSearch database to find articles & books
  • Contacting a librarian for help
  • Practice time with librarian assistance and in-class exercise

Depending on the needs of your students, we can provide more detailed instruction on these topics: 

  • Creating a research question
  • Introduction to subject specific article databases
  • Introduction to the library catalog
  • Citing sources and plagiarism
  • Introduction to library services

English 1005

This basic information literacy workshop introduces students to library services, choosing research topics, finding books and articles using the Library’s OneSearch database, and evaluating sources. The workshop includes practice time and an in-class exercise that reinforces basic information retrieval skills. We use a standard presentation in these classes, but please let us know if there are particular topics or research tools you would like us to cover and we can adjust the workshop accordingly.

SLSS 1000

Classes that include a research assignment can schedule an instruction workshop in a library computer lab that includes an overview of library services, an introduction to using the Library’s OneSearch database, and practice time with librarian assistance. Classes without a research assignment can have a librarian visit their regular classroom for a 10-15 minute introduction to library services.

Library Tutorials

The Library offers a Library Research Tutorial that teaches the basics of choosing topics and identifying keywords, locating information through the Library, evaluating information, and citing sources. The last tutorial page includes a certificate of completion students can download and turn in. Faculty may assign the tutorial before students attend a library instruction workshop, in order to introduce students to basic research concepts and reinforce concepts presented during the workshop. Our Canvas module for the tutorial can be imported into an existing Canvas course. This module can be used by any class, but is particularly recommended for fully online classes that cannot visit the library in person. 

We also have a number of video tutorials that teach students basic library skills and how to use library services.

SLSS 1050: Library Research (1 Credit Class)

SLSS 1050 is a library research course taught online by librarians. Students learn the major steps of the research process, how to locate books, use databases to find journal articles, search the internet for high-quality websites, prepare an annotated bibliography of significant sources found, and evaluate information.

Library Orientation Game

Created in 2010, the Library's orientation game is a great way to introduce new students to the library's building and its services. The UVU Library won the 2012 John Cotton Dana Public Relations Award for this game.

Get a Clue

The Library hosts Get a Clue during the first two months of fall and spring semesters. This self-directed game asks students to follow a story through the Library, visiting locations described in the various clues. By the end of the game, students will have learned the location of key library collections and service points. The game takes about 30 minutes to complete. The game begins at the Reference Desk on the Library’s first floor, where students receive a game piece that can later be used as proof of completion.

Librarian Consultations

For Faculty

Librarians will gladly assist faculty with developing research assignments. For assistance, faculty may contact the library liaison for their department or contact the instruction coordinator at 801.863.7421. Please also see our Research Assignment Ideas and Other Resources for Instructors.

For Students

Students may receive individual assistance with their research at the reference desk or by making an appointment with the librarian for their subject area.

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