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Due to the construction of the Sorensen Student Center, the catering main kitchen has been moved to the 5th floor of the Clarke Building. As customers' request food orders for events, with limited space and equipment, some options may not be available. We will do our best to work with you to craft the perfect food options for your events as we look forward to the completion of the Sorensen Student Center remodel.

UVU Policy - 5.2.2 For all events using university facilities-- any and all food must be obtained through UVU Dining Services and our on-campus affiliates. UVU Dining Services has first right of refusal for providing food and beverage service for all events on UVU campuses (with the exception of the UCCU Events Center, Ballpark, Capitol Reef Field Station, Building L, UVU Wasatch Campus, Thanksgiving Point, & UVU Provo Airport); if UVU Catering cannot accommodate the request, other on-campus venues may be considered. Groups of 101+ guests must request food for their event through Catering Services. Groups with less than 100 guests are welcome to obtain food from any on-campus restaurant without written permission from Dining Services. 

Comprised of student staff, UVU catering is able to offer reasonable and accommodating menu choices and service options for your events. Our friendly, hard-working and talented staff will do their best to assist you in executing a successful event. We look forward to serving you!


Scheduling the conference rooms on campus are handled through the Campus Scheduling Office, online or at 801-863-8612. (Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email.)

On-Campus Groups

For on-campus groups all events are scheduled through 25Live


External Groups

External groups events are scheduled through the Schedule an Event at UVU form.



All Clubs events are scheduled through the clubs department using the Schedule Request Form.

All UVU facilities are smoke-free buildings. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Catering services are available anywhere on UVU's main campus.



You can place your order request through email, or by calling our office 801-863-6940. Our order form will guide you in obtaining necessary information.

  • Name of Event
  • Contact Person
  • Billing Info
  • Date of Event
  • Scheduled Room
  • Serving Time
  • End Time 
  • Estimated Guest Count
  • Menu (including whether you have guests with special dietary needs)
  • Event themes or other important event instructions
  • Table Count (linens)-- tables are reserved through campus scheduling

You can place an order with Catering Services by phone, 801-863-6940 or email
We recommend placing your catering order at least 10-14 days before your event. Our catering staff will contact you by email 1 week before your event to confirm services.
Any last minute changes should be made at or before this time.


Off-Campus groups are required to provide an accurate billing address for their event for an invoice to be sent after the event. Invoices with payment information will be sent to the email contact listed on the account.  A link to our satisfaction survey is included with your invoice -- your feedback is both appreciated and valuable.

A $25 late fee may be added to any event ordered within 3 business days of the time of service. Some service options may not be available within this period.

See your contract or our policies page for more information.

On-Campus departments or clubs will be billed after their event to the index code provided. 


Select a Menu

Our menu is listed online with a wide selection to match your event. Contact our catering services department to discuss any questions you might have concerning menu options. Menu choices are available for most allergies, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan meals. It is your responsibility to know the dietary needs of your guests before the date of your event. If regular choices on our menu do not reflect the needs of your guests, we will provide some other options for you to consider from our on-campus affiliates and partners. Any additional meals cannot be prepared at the time of the event. Please give three weeks' notice for special menu requests to be considered.


Complete an Order Form

A useful order form is provided online to assist you in collecting and organizing all the information required to place an order.  Please submit your completed order form. We will email you with your proposal within in one week of your event.


Review and Approve your Proposal

After you receive your proposal, please read it carefully to ensure that all the information is correct, including linen counts, special dietary needs, serving & end times and the billing information. You will need to confirm your final guest count one week before your event.  You may receive an approval request asking you to review your proposal. If we don't hear you within the 3 business days' time period before your event, your order will be processed, served and charged accordingly. Likewise, if your event is canceled you are responsible to inform catering services, or you will be charged for the services listed on your proposal. After we receive your approval your catering order is complete.


Menu pricing is per serving. Prices do not include applicable sales tax, or special delivery fees. Gratuities cannot be accepted. All menu items and prices are subject to change without notice. UVU is the sole provider of food and beverage on campus.

REMINDER: No outside food or beverage may be brought to events. UVU Policy - 5.2.2 For all events using university facilities-- any and all food must be obtained through UVU Dining Services and our on-campus affiliates.
Please see our policies for more information.

Catering Specialist


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