UVU Student Elections

Elections for the 2021-2022 Student Body Officers will be held February 22-25, 2021

ELECTION Rules & application information

General Information

With the many ways to get involved at UVU there is definitely something for everyone! One of those is to run for a student body officer position within the Utah Valley University Student Association. There are four positions available: Student Body President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Academic Senate, Vice President of Student Activities. Together with the Chief of Staff (appointed by the Student Body President), these student officers serve as the Executive Student Council overseeing the UVUSA Student Council.

These positions represent the student voice across campus as they assess, express, and address student issues to campus administration. They develop and promote campus programming, strive to educate students about resources available to them, and advocate for student needs.

Candidates are elected by the general student body (any student registered for 1+ credits, concurrent enrollment students are not eligible to vote) and voting will take place February 22-25, 2021.

  • Monday February 22nd at 8am......................................Polls open - uvu.edu/vote
  • Thursday February 25th at 6pm....................................2021-2022 Student Body Officers Announced – SL114 (polls close at 5pm)

Learn more about the elections process, officer position, responsibilities, and requirements here.

UVUSA Elections Packet

Important Dates

  • General Info. Sessions: January 19 & 20, 2021 | Noon-1pm | Online via Zoom
  • Applications Due: January 29, 2021 | Noon | Online at uvu.edu/uvusa/elections
  • Orientation and Rules Meeting: January 29, 2021 | 2pm-4pm | SL114/Online via Zoom
  • Candidacy Declaration Press Conference: February 2, 2021 | 1pm | SL 114/Online via Zoom
  • Voting : February 22-25, 2021 | uvu.edu/vote
  • Announcement of Elected Officers: February 25, 2021 | 6pm | SL 114/Instagram Live Stream

**Elections will be done through Ranked Choice Voting. This method allows voters to rank the candidates running for office in order of their preference. If a candidate receives the majority of first choices (51%), then they win the election. If no candidate gets a simple majority, then the candidate with the least amount of first choice votes will be removed from the race; voters who ranked a candidate as their first choice will then be represented by their second choice and so on until a majority vote is reached. This process eliminates the need for a primary election.


Any current student is permitted to file a grievance regarding the misconduct of a candidate. Grievances will be reviewed by the Elections Committee and any necessary penalties will be issued. Please note that there is not a prescribed rubric in addressing consequences of grievances and any penalties issued are at the discretion of the Elections Committee.


Grievance Form

Candidate Information-2021 Info. will be posted on February 2, 2021

2020 Student Body Officer Candidate information includes a personal bio and plans for office if they are elected. All content is self disclosed and provided by each individual candidate. Any additional questions regarding their qualifications and plans for office can be answered by each candidate directly via email. Candidate information will be updated the first week of February 2020. 


Karen Magana-Aguado

portrait of Micahel Silva

About Karen

  • Junior, Majoring in Accounting
  • Instagram: karen.mag 
  • Email: karenmag87@gmail.com

Hey,  Wolverines, I’m Karen! I’m a first-semester junior studying Accounting with a minor in Business Management. So far it’s not as dull as the movies say it is I promise. Because I grew up in Provo, I always knew about UVU, which made my decision on where to go to college so incredibly easy! By the time my senior year rolled around, I had fallen completely in love with the passion that this university has for providing students an accessible, quality education. As a first-generation college student, that continues to mean a lot to me, as I’ve seen what a difference access to a college education can make. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities UVU has made available to me in both my academics and extracurriculars. When I joined student government, I knew I wanted to work hard for students and make their own college experiences meaningful. Through my involvement, I’ve developed a passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion work and have also learned that it takes a village! I’m running for Student Body President because I love UVU and want to work with you to continue making it a place for you.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Resource Advocacy: Students, faculty, and staff work so hard in providing UVU students the support we need to be successful. There are so many resources available on campus that sometimes it’s hard to keep up! I know this was a hard year and many relied on UVU’s resources to get them through each semester. I also believe some students might have slipped through the cracks because they were not aware of all the options they have to receive support on campus. I had to get involved in leadership in order to learn about a lot of the available support! I want to create accessible avenues of information that students can use to find the resources and opportunities they are looking for, as well as create formal resource training for council members so they are better equipped at guiding students in the right direction. I also want to work with resource stewards to find ways to ensure they have the means to meet student needs.
  2. Transparency & Collaboration: UVU is structured in a way that gives students a lot of say in what goes on at the university, which is why a large part of what UVUSA does is advocacy for the student body. As Student Body President, I would like to increase the transparency of the inner workings of student government, so the student body at large knows just how much of an impact they can have when they reach out! UVU is filled with creative, driven students, many of whom have already made strides to make our university an inclusive, welcoming place. I want to work to combine our efforts to make long-lasting, sustainable change that comes from all fronts. Feedback is everything to us, and I want to work to serve your needs! I will ensure I am accessible so that you can reach out with any concerns you might have.
  3. Equity & Inclusion: My position in student government this year has allowed me to be involved in the diversity, equity, and inclusion realm of the university, and it has also motivated the intentional efforts of those themes within UVUSA Student Government. This is very near and dear to my heart because I’ve been in many spaces where I felt like I didn’t belong due to a lack of representation. College is stressful enough! It would be a dream for this work to become second-nature in all aspects of the university, including student government. However, until that happens, it’s crucial that our efforts are intentional and strategic. As Student Body President, I will work to expand our current inclusion efforts and collaborate with campus departments to create formal equity & inclusion programming for our students and student leaders.




  1. This year, I had the amazing opportunity to be the first to serve as UVUSA’s Chief Inclusion Officer. As challenging as it’s been, I’ve had so much fun being able to create the framework for this position so that it is implemented for years to come. I get to sit on committees like the Inclusion Committee, Executive Inclusion Committee, and the MLK Commemoration Planning Committee. Through my participation, I’ve been able to meet and work with students, faculty, and staff from all corners of campus. Because I’ve been in this role for almost an entire year, I am also very familiar with the way that UVUSA Student Government runs, and have seen first-hand the duties of the Student Body President.

  2. I sit on the Utah System of Higher Education Student Safety Committee with student leaders from universities all over the state. We meet about once a month and brainstorm ways to combat issues of safety that our students may be facing from mental health to physical health to social health. Through my involvement in this committee, I’ve become more perceptive of the needs of our students, as well as gained experience on how to vocalize and advocate for those needs.

  3. As Chief Inclusion Officer, I am the chair of the Student Inclusion Committee which has representatives from the Black Student Union, Spectrum, Multicultural Student Council, International Student Council, Women of UVU, and many other passionate students. We meet every two weeks and discuss ways we can continue to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion both within UVUSA and throughout campus. My favorite part of being Chief Inclusion Officer has been my ability to interact with such amazing student leaders, to ensure they have adequate representation when it comes to decision-making. As I’ve built these relationships, I’ve become so inspired by the hard work UVU students do both in and out of the classroom, which is why I’m so proud to be a Wolverine!

Jaden Muir

portrait of Micahel Silva

About Jaden

  • Sophomore, Majoring in Family Science
  • Instagram: @jt_muir
  • Email: jaden.muir15@gmail.com

What’s Up?! My name is Jaden Muir, I’m 23 years old and am running for Student Body President. Ever since I was young I had a love for cooking at home with my mom and that love turned into a passion which would help guide me to the Culinary Arts program and coming to UVU. Needless to say, I love both cooking and eating food. Since coming to UVU though, just like one usually does in college, I have since changed my major to Family Science. With this degree I am planning on becoming a high school counselor. I have always had a unique love for school and recognizing I am in the minority with that thought process, working as a counselor allows me to be an advocate and resource for future students to help them succeed in any aspect of their lives. Besides a general love for food and school, I love all things Hunger Games related, watching New Girl and my 45 minute drive home every week to have family dinner where I get to see my dog (who is my best friend) and watch episodes of Survivor with my parents and siblings, even if they are reruns. I love music and if you ever see me driving down the road, you will see me singing. Additionally, I have a love/hate relationship with running and am preparing for a half marathon this spring which is terrifying because I’ve broken multiple bones in running related activities. Despite that, I think it’s always important to push oneself and attempt to do the impossible at times. Lastly, when considering who I am as a whole and what makes “my brand” I am a student leader. While I don’t expect or want people just to take my word for that, I have had 7 years of proven results that confirm my effectiveness, passion and love for leadership just in a school setting alone. There is something powerful that comes from student leaders. I love being able to learn and grow as an individual and love the experiences that come from these opportunities. There are lifetime bonds and friends made and these simple, small scale positions have a way of transforming lives. That’s one of the many reasons I am running for Student Body President. I’m not seeking to merely have my life enriched and changed for the better but to truly make a difference in the lives of the students on campus. I truly believe that I am the most qualified and committed individual who can best fulfill this position to transform and escalate UVU to a higher ground.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Room Enough For Everyone: The idea of creating “Room Enough For Everyone” on campus has multiple meanings. First, we can do better with our inclusion and diversity efforts on campus. As Student Body President I will continue to pursue opportunities for myself and the student body to be more informed members of society and to create a more inclusive and respecting environment on campus. In addition to inclusion efforts, creating “Room Enough for Everyone” tackles the issues social distancing has inflicted on all of us. I can’t promise what next year will look like even though I really wish I could. However, wherever you are today, tomorrow or the fall semester, my goal is to make sure UVU feels like home. So, whether you are fortunate enough to be on campus or we are sitting 6 feet apart or still staying socially distanced, my call out to you is: there’s enough room for you. We want you and need you at UVU. My hope is that no matter where we are taking our classes, students can still feel that they belong.
  2. Safety: While I have no respect or appreciation for the COVID-19 virus, maintaining the safety of the student body has to be my number one focus. I have hopes that by the next academic year we will all be at a new sense of “normal” however maintaining the safety and health of the student body can not be ignored. In addition to working with the current administration to make sure everyone is physically safe from threats of COVID, I wish to focus on the mental safety of students as well. This past year has been hard and I would be ignorant not to acknowledge the mental tool we have all felt from COVID, politics, lack of human interaction and many other factors. By promoting and working with the Student Health Services on campus, I hope to create more resources for students so that everyone may have the help they need physically, mentally and emotionally.

  3. Empower & Listen: “A leader becomes great not because of his power but because of his ability to empower others.” - John Maxwell It’s no lie that this year has been hard. Now, more than ever, the future seems more questionable with so little to look forward to...and this, we are going to change. If elected into office not only will I strive to give students more to look forward to but I also plan to re-energize and motivate the student body to excel in every way possible. Part of this will be done through more consistent updates from the Student Body President including a “Monday Motivation” so as Wolverines we can start each week stronger than the week before. This will also come from strengthening the student council and aligning other student organizations on campus with one another. Lastly, while I refuse to be a bystander in this position, I will seek opportunities to stop and listen. Listen to the administration, my peers in the student council and you my friends: the student body of UVU. This is your school, so together, let’s talk and make UVU better, proving that there really is “Room Enough for Everyone.”


  1. I have 2 years of experience working with and serving on the Student Council (UVUSA). I am currently serving as the Family Events Chair under the Activities Branch. This has allowed me to plan events for non-traditional students, deepen my understanding of UVUSA, what helps it run well and perhaps more importantly how it can run better. While working through COVID-19 in UVUSA, I've developed greater problem solving skills and an increased sense of creativity and adaptability especially in leadership and large scale settings. In addition, my prior knowledge of how things were run within UVUSA before COVID-19, will help as we all continue to adapt, but also return to a sense of normalcy on campus and with future events.

  2. I am trusted as a proven leader. In addition to currently being on UVUSA, I have been serving as an Ambassador for UVU. This has strengthened my connections with dozens of other leaders on campus and has made me more informed of the resources available at UVU. While I still don’t know all the answers to everything UVU, I guarantee I have the connections to someone who does. In addition to my current leadership experiences, I served in various leadership capacities as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Fresno, California. I was appointed a Youth Ambassador for the city of Taylorsville, Utah where I grew up and I have been involved in Student Council positions from 8th - 12th grade including graduating as the Student Body President and Top Male Student of my high school.

  3. One of the first responsibilities given to the Student Body President and elected officers is to begin interviewing and selecting the rest of the upcoming Student Council. As a current executive administrator where I work, I am responsible for reviewing applications for potential employees and assisting in the interview and hiring process. In a little over a year, I have overseen the hiring process of over 250 employees. This will give me an advantage when reviewing applicants who will apply for Student Council. This knowledge has given me greater experience to create a more successful, determined and passionate team all dedicated towards achieving a common goal.

Christopher Shelton

portrait of Lucy Watson

About Christopher

  • Senior, Majoring in Economics
  • Instagram: @chrisshelton1
  • Email: christopher.s.shelton@gmail.com

Chris is from sunny Mesa, AZ. He currently works in Trade & Customs for KPMG. He loves UVU and has been heavily involved. He's a senior studying economics and minoring in finance and wants to get a JDMBA after UVU. He's on UVU's Venture Capital team, the Wolverine Fund. He's also a member of UVU's chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society. Chris is a UVU flag football intramural champion. He loves reading, sports, food, investing, & friends. Most of all, he's excited to be a part of UVU as it grows rapidly. all about making the most of opportunity. College is full of opportunity, and he wants to help students make the most of their experience learning, meeting people, making their own lives and having a blast!

Plans if elected into office:

  1. As the president's main role, proactive measures can be taken to hear all the students' voices: students who are active in university events, as well as those who perhaps have suggestions but don't voice them. Something as simple as once-a-semester surveys can be used to best capture student opinion.

  2. Have a blast. We have neighboring universities that resemble great social settings; I think we can provide that level of social life, and even surpass that, for students here. Let's raise the bar. If student events are fun and appealing, people will come to them. If you build it, they will come. Let's get some sweet events.

  3. Improve school pride. UVU is amazing and there's lots of room to grow. Ranked #3 by Business Insider for most return on investment among U.S. universities, 20 years from now I see students looking back at their college years being proud to be UVU alumni, and there's room for improvement for us to get there! I think that comes naturally as students feel they got their money's worth, including academic learning, recreational opportunities, social setting, etc.

  4. Opportunity. People go to school to be able to contribute to society. We can help push efforts in all schools for better job resources. Being a business major, I'm especially passionate about the business school.


  1. Empathy! I love people. I'm a people person and know how to empathize. I've served in more than 5 volunteer positions that lasted 3 months or longer. The position of the student body president is all about being the students' voice to school and state leadership. Anything less than true & full empathy will yield mediocre results in being an effective mouthpiece of the students. The president can either be a passive mouthpiece, or proactive.

  2. Efficiency & Leadership. I'm not perfect, but I have learned how to get things done and still learn every day. I was brought onto a COVID volunteer organization and grew the volunteer base 500%+ to more than 200 volunteers. I've made the Dean's list for 6 semesters and counting. I coordinated events & guest speakers for an organization. My life has been full of leadership experiences, starting from scouts, high school football captain, leadership in a church mission, among others listed above.

  3. Diversity! I went to high school that was diverse in every sense of the word. Race, nationality, socioeconomic status, religion, etc. Everyone respected one another, and different perspectives provided new and additional insight to a better whole organization. UVU already has that; what's most important today is embracing, protecting and promoting that diversity & unity.

  4. Vision. The goal is to build people, who are the organization. Here at UVU, that means empowering students with all resources that would get them to achieve their life goals, or find their life vision.



Bryson Finley

portrait of Micahel Silva

About Bryson

  • Sophomore, Majoring in Art & Design
  • Instagram: @bryson_finley
  • Email: brysonfinleyg@gmail.com

Hello, my name is Bryson Finley. I am a sophomore here at UVU this year! I first came to UVU as a pre-dental student studying exercise science and quickly decided that I would much rather study art and design. I am an avid photographer, cook, and artist and hope to make a career out of any one of those someday. I was born and raised in Utah, so I am also a huge junky for everything outdoors, especially hiking. UVU has been an amazing place for me to grow and develop, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Starting my first semester on the eve of a global pandemic has definitely thrown a wrench in some things, but thanks to the welcoming community on campus I have been able to further pursue my education and continue doing what I love. Because of this, I also have a much greater understanding of how important it is that students have a place to speak up and advocate for themselves; now more than ever. There is so much to be accomplished by working together. Let's do good.

Plans if elected into office:
  1. Prioritize outreach and inclusion: My first semester at UVU was cut short by the pandemic. Being a new student and already feeling lost, confused, and alone, I wasn't sure if I had a future at UVU. It wasn't until I had a student reach out to me and offered me a little kindness and guidance, that I was able to find a place where I felt I belonged. If one person was able to make all the difference for me, and I know I could do that for so many others. 
  2. Revamp and innovate: The world is constantly changing around us, I will be the candidate that not only embraces innovation but also seeks to create it. While trends come and go, I would love to see the student government continuously moving in a way that represents lasting change. I will consistently look for ways that UVUSA can better serve the student body. 
  3. Collaborate more with various campus organizations: UVU is home to a diverse population of students and organizations. UVUSA's mission statement specifically mentions collaboration and involvement, and I think there are so many more ways we can continue to foster this kind of environment on campus. Reaching out to and working with these organizations is a great place to start.


  1. Adaptability: Serving as the Entertainment Chair for UVUSA's activities branch this year has taught me so much about being adaptable to various challenges and curveballs that come with planning events during the pandemic. And while this year has not exactly been easy, I have greatly welcomed the opportunity to not only make do, but to make better!
  2. Creativity: While I only started my major in art and design a little over a year ago, I have spent as long as I can remember diving into my interests in many creative hobbies and fields like drawing, photography, design, cooking, and music. I love to bring in new perspectives and ideas wherever I can, and my artistic background would give me a great advantage in adding a creative angle to the various tasks and responsibilities within our student government. 
  3. Dependability: I know how much it means to people when you are someone they can depend on. Through my work experience, school, and peers I have developed an excellent track record for being on time, prepared, and ready to help and be there wherever I can, and often go out of my way to do so.
  4. Listening: Those who know me know that I am not a big talker, but I do love to listen. I recognize the importance of the voices that come directly from the students on campus, and while it is important to listen, I will also speak up when it matters.

Colton Stettler

portrait of Dallin Warnick

About Colton

  • Junior, Majoring in Digital Cinema
  • Instagram: @colton4vp
  • Email: coltonstettler@hotmail.com

Hey, what's up you guys! It's your boy, Colton Stettler, and I am running for Student Body Executive Vice President! I have attended Utah Valley University for the past three years, after transferring from another university that I truly loved. I didn’t think that I could ever find another school that created that same feeling of love and acceptance, and oh how I was wrong! I quickly learned about the engaged learning that UVU has to offer and wanted to become an advocate. At UVU, we don’t just sit and listen to lectures, we are thrown into our fields of study to get a hands-on experience. After completing my first semester, I knew I had to do more on campus to help others recognize the love that UVU holds for them. That’s when I interviewed and received the position of a Recruitment Ambassador for the university. UVU listened to me, believed in me, and customized an education for me. I love this school, but there are a lot of changes I would like to see in our future, inclusion being my top priority. Your voice is an essential part to my campaign as I cannot create change alone. I plan to incite unity between our different organizations on campus, closing the gap on overall inclusion and boosting school pride. We can fix it, UVU. Vote Colton Stettler for your next Executive Vice President.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. I plan to put myself in a position where people feel welcomed and heard. I want all students to feel as if I am supporting them and listening to them to create an environment of love and acceptance. This is UVU and we want you to come as you are, as President Tuminez would say. Inclusion will be my biggest focus as I want to create a more unified university. My slogan for this campaign is, We can fix it! Notice the 'we,' as I cannot tackle this alone and will be relying on student voice to help me meet this goal.

  2. I want to help bring together the organizations on campus. After communicating with a few different advisers on campus, I have come to see the lack of inclusion between our very own UVU community. Programs are very much to themselves and I would like to bring more school spirit and involvement to our school, simply by uniting organizations.

  3. I would love to see more promotion of what members on council are doing to represent the student body. I would love to see the Student Body President telling students what they did to best represent students in their board meeting. I would love to see the VP of Activities announcing that they will be attending the basket ball game tonight, if anyone wanted to join them. Targeting ads to show students how UVU cares would better drive the wolverine pride we are attempting to create. We are more than just a commuter school and we can help guide our school pride.


  1. I have been a UVU Recruitment Ambassador for the last 3 years representing the university at several high schools and acting as the face of the university. This position has prepared me for the Executive Vice President position because of my in depth knowledge surrounding UVU, my unique perspective on incoming student's voices, and my past experience creating content for Prospective Student Services.
  2. For the past year, I have acted as the Customer Service Manager at a local grocery store. I oversaw a group of 60 individuals to help create an environment that directly affected the customer's experience. While in this position, my duties included: Training and coaching, acting as the direct liaison between the grocery store and the customer, creating a safe environment for my employees, protecting large sums of money, and overall happiness at work. Something I will not tolerate in a leadership position is working in unsafe environments. Inclusion is such a huge part of who I am, my campaign, and what I want to accomplish at UVU. In the past, I have helped employees with sexual assault, sexual harassment, and an overall open dialogue to create change if safety was at risk.
  3. I am currently a Digital Cinema Major with a Minor in Marketing, which fits perfectly with the PR Chair, who (if elected), will work directly with me on council. I have worked as an editor for several freelance groups such as: Living Scriptures (Latter Day News), Provost Park Pass (YouTuber), the Ambassador Program (UVU Prospective Services), and my own freelance work for weddings and general videography. I am well aware of the process that is involved with creating content, which gives me a one-up on helping my PR Chair create realistic goals.


Dylan Christensen 

portrait of Micahel Silva

About Dylan

  • Junior, Majoring in Exercise Science
  • Instagram: dylpick.15 
  • Email: dylanbcjamrock@gmail.com

Dylan was raised here in Utah County until he served a two-year religious mission in Jamaica and the Bahamas. Upon returning home in summer of 2018, he immediately began studying Exercise Science here at UVU. He has been an elementary school robotics teacher for over two years, a Residential Advisor at Wolverine Crossing for two years, and the University College Senator here at UVU for the past year. Dylan loves to play soccer, jump on trampolines, go snowboarding, and eat snacks. He says that UVU has been the perfect place for him to grow and get involved. “I believe that I can actually help other students accomplish their goals.” - Dylan Christensen

Plans if elected into office:

  1. I have a goal to help students easily access helpful resources. There are so many resources and groups that are designed to help students succeed. The sad thing is, so many students don’t know about these resources or how to access/utilize them. I plan to make that easier.

  2. I also have a goal to help motivate students to get involved! Allowing myself to get involved in different organizations, clubs, jobs, volunteer work, and more has completely changed my life for the better. I will encourage and help other students to get involved. When students get involved, I believe that will help them find a renewed sense of belonging and purpose.


  1. I have been the University College Senator for UVUSA Student Council this past year. This gives me the necessary experience to lead next year's group of senators because I understand how a senator thinks and feels. I have the ability to train the next group of senators because I also understand their responsibilities.

  2. I have been a Residential Advisor at Wolverine Crossing since May of 2019. In this position I have helped my residents work through their problems and drama so they can find peace with their roommates, and their living situations. I have also helped plan and execute many large scale events.

  3. I have been an Elders Quorum President for the past 18 months. This has given me plenty of experience teaching, organizing, and leading large groups of people to accomplish our group goals.. The next VP of Academic Senate will need these same qualities.

  4. I have led, taught, and trained hundreds of service workers throughout four Caribbean countries. I have plenty of experience planning and presenting trainings to large groups of people to help motivate and inspire.


James Cisneros

portrait of Dallin Warnick

About James

  • Sophomore, Majoring in Biology
  • Instagram: James_campaign
  • Email: James.leaflet.campaign@gmail.com

My name is James Cisneros, you are my student body, and I will do my best to help each and every one of you succeed academically. Often, we feel like doors are closed, we get overwhelmed, and we do not know what we really want to do yet. As a student body we are here to learn and to open our minds to new ideas and inventions on the ever-moving track of progress. No doors should be closed to you at UVU and you should have every opportunity to do what you love. I never want anyone to feel stuck or depressed about their academics while here at Utah Valley University, but rather they know I am behind them and I will help them achieve the things they want to achieve. Let our focus be about learning and knowledge. I will give you the support you need and steady you as you climb to the great heights I know you can achieve. I hope you give me the opportunity to bring this campus together and help us all become the great people we know we can be. School is a struggle, I don’t want anyone to do it alone.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. Have ample opportunities for students to learn what they love and try out new things. Succeeding academically is not nearly as difficult when your passion is within your work. It is difficult sometimes to find the right field or major but I strongly believe everyone should do what they love. I will make every effort to provide you with the the resources to do what you love.

  2. Open closed doors to students who need another chance at succeeding.

  3. Represent and network for UVU and the students of each college. For those who are struggling and those who are doing well.

  4. Unite the student body and help us help ourselves achieve the great things we all know we can.


  1. Currently working within three departments of Utah Valley University has given me a valuable perspective of the inner workings here at the school. It has left me in a unique position to know how to help you in your goal to succeed while at UVU and I have every intention of doing so.

  2. I served as a leadership resource and head archery coach for multiple Archery groups in Salt Lake City. Teaching and managing classes taught me great leadership skills and how to really care for others who are learning, especially learning something new. I feel an empathy for those working hard to achieve great things, even if we don't know everything we want to yet, and yes, I can teach you to be Katniss Everdeen. :)

  3. I have seen many students blame themselves for falling academically or struggling in college. Having been a student for three or more years has taught me the skills and effort required to succeed academically. I want to apply those skills in helping you. Struggling in collage is normal and not usually your fault, often times it requires a lot of learning and teaching to succeed academically. Through trial and error, I now know a lot of the skills required to succeed and I will use every outlet I have to help you learn and succeed academically while here at Utah Valley University.


Hayden Harward 

portrait of Micahel Silva

About Hayden

  • Sophomore, Majoring in Communications
  • Instagram: Hayharw
  • Email: hayden.harward@gmail.com

Hey everyone, I'm Hayden Harward! I'm a Sophomore here at UVU studying Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. I am from Lehi, UT and I attended high school at Lehi High. I am the oldest in my family with three little brothers and I love spending time with them any chance I have! I spend most of my time doing school, serving as the Social Events Chair on UVUSA, being a UVU Ambassador and working at Blue Raven Solar. My favorite things include watching movies, being with family and friends, laughing, eating Mexican food, warm weather, and a good Diet Coke. I am running for Vice President of Student Activities because I am passionate about helping students have a memorable and fun college experience. Classes are so important, but the memories you make outside the classroom will last a lifetime and I want to help students experience that here at UVU. After I graduate from UVU, I would love to get a Master's degree in Student Affairs and work at a university. UVU is one of my favorite places in the world and I love being a student here, I am a Proud Wolverine through and through!

Plans if elected into office:

  1. I want to increase awareness of our events that are specifically for our non-traditional students. UVU has a unique student population and it's important that every student feels valued and a part of our school. We have chairs that plan events specifically for our students with families and our students that are married or in committed relationships. 38% of our students are married and 17% support at least one child. The goal of these chairs is to enhance the student experience for all students, but not very many people know these events are taking place. I want to make sure our non-traditional students are aware of these opportunities so they can take advantage of them.

  2. I would like to increase involvement in our program, events, and feedback from all students. UVUSA has many great opportunities to get involved, both volunteer and scholarship based. It's a great place to meet people and build your resume. The more people we have involved in our program, the more voices we have at that table and the better our events can be. With COVID 19 making it difficult to meet new people and attend events, it's difficult to feel like you are having a well rounded college experience at times. I don't want anyone to leave UVU without feeling like they had a positive experience outside of the classroom, as well as inside. Even with COVID there are still events happening all the time, either virtually or safely in person, that students can participate in. By promoting involvement in events we can work to help every student feel like they have a place here at UVU.

  3. I want to help create a community of Proud Wolverines. Having a sense of community is an important part of having a meaningful and memorable college experience. As we use collaboration between organizations and students can come together at events, we can increase school pride and connection across campus.


  1. I was the Family Events Chair for UVUSA for the 2019-2020 school year. My main goal as this chair was to create events for our non-traditional students that are supporting one or more children. In this role I learned how to create, publicize and execute events catered towards UVU families. I also had opportunities to collaborate with the Cultural Envoy program, Science department, Athletics, WeCare Center, Royal Heroes club, and others.

  2. During this 2020-2021 school year I have served on UVUSA as the Social Events Chair. This year I have learned how to plan virtual events that can still be engaging and fun. I've also learned how to think of creative ways to reach students and promote events while there were very few people on campus. After planning a year of events that were in person, and now a year virtually, I now have knowledge and skills to know how to navigate events no matter what next year looks like.

  3. I was a part of the Student Foundations team for the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) in 2019. I was able to attend the West Regional conference in California where I was able to watch and interact with artists and acts who are looking to perform on college campuses. My job on the foundations team was to create fundraisers to do while we were at the conference to raise money for other students in the region to pay for their schooling. While doing this position I was able to meet members of the NACA West board, student leaders from universities all over the western United States, and learn more about how to plan successful events.

  4. I have been a UVU Ambassador for the past year and a half that I've been at UVU. In doing this I've been able to learn so much about the university and the different programs it has to offer. Because of this I can help other students find the resources that they need to be successful while at UVU.

  5. I am a Proud Wolverine! I love going to UVU and getting to interact with my fellow students here. I am passionate about creating a positive experience for students outside of the classroom while they are attending UVU.

Michael Perez

portrait of Dallin Warnick

About Michael

  • Junior, Majoring in Respiratory Therapy
  • Instagram: fluffy28michael
  • Email: Fluffy28michael@gmail.com

Hello everyone! My name is Michael Perez, 21 years old, and this is my third year here at UVU. I am a first generation student. My major is respiratory therapy. I used to work at the Costa Vida on campus and know most of everyone's faces with their orders. I don’t know how I did it but it took some time. For the longest time, before coming to college, I would have never thought I would be a college student working towards my bachelors, not because I thought school wasn’t for me but because I thought people like me, hispanic people, didn’t. That all changed when I enrolled here at UVU and since then have been proving that stereotype wrong. UVU really has been a place for me because everyone here is kind and welcoming. The whole staff of UVU put us students first and care about our success. If elected as Vice Precinct that's what I want to do for others, help them and focus on their success. In my personal life, I am the second oldest of three and have a very caring and beautiful 4-year old niece who lives for the toy stories movies. My parents are immigrants that came to this country 20 years ago with nothing except the clothes on their back and my oldest brother who was 4 at the time. When they got to this country they had no family or friends and no money let alone they didn’t even speak the same langues. 20 years later now, they have a great home, have lots of friends, and have a college student who plans on being a doctor. Life for us is good and for myself I do everything I can to make them proud because they gave up their entire lives in Mexico to give their children the best options in life they can give. What I like to do in my spare time when I'm not studying, I like to hang out with my best friend Michelle H. we have been the best of friends since what seems like a lifetime. We love to go to classic skating and jamming out to momma mia. We also love going hammocking and sitting in the middle of the target parking lot and jamming out. Other things I love to do is go on fun adventures and take pictures. Needless to say, that this upcoming school year is the biggest adventure of all and if elected I would be honored to take us all on this grand and amazing adventure TOGETHER.

Plans if elected into office:

  1. A goal of mine is to include more diversity in the UVUSA but more specifically in the activities branch.

  2. A plan of mine is to teach people around me to be the best of themselves and challenge them more then they have before to best achieve the success.

  3. A goal of mine is make the school year 2021-2022 a year nobody will forget. Due to covid we are limited on what we can do but that doesn't mean we can't do events, and if we haven't learned anything about the school of 2020-2021 is the wolverines don't stop.

  4. A person goal of mine, I want to speak up more and don't be afraid to show my side of character. I want to be a leader and an example for other students who don't feel comfortable or doubt their opinions matter, well I say rubbish! and want to change that.

  5. My last goal is to make the change for other students.


  1. I have worked for UVUSA for 3 years as green team and the traditions chair.

  2. In high school, I had done leadership all three years. From then it was only the beginning for a Long road that I didn't know where I was heading but surely I now know.

  3. In high school, I had done leadership all three years. From then it was only the beginning for a Long road that I didn't know where I was heading but surely I now know.

  4. My motto is we learn not for school but for life. I have made new friendship as the traditions chair and I know I can create that for other people.

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