The Circle

The Circle is an elite group of arts supporters at The Noorda. Our goal is simple: create a sphere of influence that unites those who wish to have a significant impact upon the performers, patrons, and students who are transformed in our center for true artistic collaboration. Your contribution and support will make this impact by enabling The Noorda to bring the greatest talent from across the world through its doors. While here, these performers and artists will collaborate with students, the community, and our youth. Many will set aside time to visit with Circle Members at exclusive VIP events.

Join The Circle today. Call 801-863-5760 or email Traci Monson for more information.

Benefits of Circle Membership


Circle benefits


Utah Valley University is exceedingly grateful to all of the 1,756 donors who helped to make The Noorda Center for the Performing Arts a reality.

Naming Donor

The Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation

$1 Million and Above

  • Bastian Family
  • Karen P. and Scott M. Smith
  • Utah County Government
  • Nu Skin Enterprises
  • Carolyn and Kem Gardner
  • Barbara Barrington Jones Family Foundation
  • Gail Miller Wilson and Kim Wilson
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Tanner Charitable Trust

$100,000 – $999,999

  • Ashton Family Foundation
  • Zions Bank — Main
  • Ira Fulton
  • Nancy P. and Richard E. Marriott
  • The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

$10,000 – $99,999

  • Jeanette P. and Paul B. Clyde
  • Guy L. and Paula G. Fugal
  • David and Mary Ann Pollei
  • Margaret M. Pope
  • Blue Donkey Foundation
  • JoAnn B. Losee
  • Sandefur Schmidt
  • Carolyn J. Rasmus
  • David K. and Laura T. Harmon
  • Janette Hales Beckham
  • Curtis B. and Lisa E. Blair
  • Brent and Cheri Andrus Charitable Trust
  • Cherie and Donald R. Pauley

$1,000 – $9,999

  • Jong S. Hwang
  • Thomas C. Hales
  • Marnie H. and Mark K. Thomas
  • Pal-Tech
  • Nancy S. and Omar M. Kader
  • Ron and Vicki Labrum
  • Edwards & Daniels Architects
  • Janice L. Gygi
  • Jane Ricks
  • Kathryn Luke
  • David B. and Jeralynn T. Winder
  • Doris A. Trujillo
  • Bette M. and Stephen W. Gibson
  • Angus H. Belliston
  • Dianne C. and Wallace J. Carr
  • Collette and Samuel Cowley
  • Rosemarie Holland
  • Monroe J. Paxman
  • Brandon D. and Lacey A. Fugal
  • Elizabeth L. Moore
  • Virginia H. Pearce
  • Jeffrey and Karen Acerson
  • Byron and TerryAnn Harward
  • Mark F. and Mary L. Robinson
  • Jacqueline P. and Joseph D. Colledge
  • Christine S. and James L. Gines
  • Christopher L. and Lisa V. Clark
  • Daniel J. and Donna M. P. Fairbanks
  • Vadra K. Rowley
  • Hilary C. Demske
  • Paula C. and Russell A. Nye
  • Practical Clinical Courses
  • The Beckham/Ashe Foundation
  • MME
  • Utah Valley Choral Society
  • Anthony S. and Lorilynn B. Browning
  • Jeffery and Melinda Dalebout
  • David M. and Linda H. Fife
  • Cynthia G. and Tyler A. Gambill
  • Bruce J. and Deanna C. Hammond
  • Dwight H. and Teresa J. Muse
  • Cherilyn and David Pinegar
  • Briant H. Summerhays
  • Jamee N. and Kevan P. Talbot
  • John H. and Mary J. Thompson
  • Kelley and Karen Thueson
  • The GFC Foundation
  • Romm Enterprises
  • Live On Purpose
  • Provo Towne Centre
  • American Fork Pediatrics
  • Dance Works
  • Norge Cleaning Center
  • EKR
  • Jaussi Enterprises
  • Precision Woodworking
  • Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching
  • Gift Program
  • J.B. Biegel Art & Design