Commercial Signage

(Refer to Policy 161 Section 4.11.3)

All commercial temporary signage must clearly identify the person or organization responsible for the content of the signage. By posting or distributing any commercial temporary signage (i.e, posters, handbills, petitions, or other written materials) on campus, the person or organization (a) agrees to hold the University harmless for any assessed damages or liability incurred as a result of the signage; and (b) is responsible for the content of any signs, notices, posters, or banners it sponsors or posts on campus.

Commercial Posters

  • Commercial organizations will be charged a $75 non-refundable fee to hang no more than five posters (not to exceed 8 1/2- inches by 11-inches) on the UVU campus for no longer than a 14-day period.
  • Any commercial poster posted on the UVU campus must obtain a stamped visible expiration date from Campus Connection, a date after which the poster may be removed.
  • Posters must be hung in designated locations
  • Signs hung without approval will be removed and disposed of.
  • No more than two posters for any event may be posted on any single bulletin board or kiosk.

Commercial Handbills, Petitions, and Other Written Materials
(Refer to Policy 161 Section 4.13.1)

  • Commercial organizations may reserve a table to pass out fliers/handbills or promote their organization. Tables are available Monday –Friday from 9:00am-3:00pm through Event Services 801-863-8612. The cost is $125.00 per reservation and may only be made three times a calendar year per organization. Organizations must request to reserve a table 14 days in advance. Locations are the Student Life Wall across from the Bookstore in the Sorensen Student Center and the Lockhart arena concourse.
    • Commercial organizations seeking to recruit potential employees should work through the Career Development Center.
    • Commercial organizations seeking to participate in an athletic sponsorships should contact the Athletics Department.
    • Commercial organizations seeking to advertise in the UVU Review or attend the UVU Review Vendor should contact the UVU Review.
  • Commercial handbills may not be placed on personal property, including cars. Commercial handbills must be physically handed to a person or placed in designated kiosks. Campus Connection will identify the kiosks.
  • Any person distributing commercial handbills or written material shall be personally responsible for the content of handbills or written material and hold the University harmless for any assessed damage or liability incurred as a result of the distribution of the handbills of material.