Early Alert

A student outreach tool for faculty

WHAT is Early Alert?

Early Alert is a program that allows instructors to identify students who are struggling academically or not attending class regularly. Those students are then contacted by a Student Success Specialist from the office of First-Year Experience & Student Retention so that we can offer timely intervention and resources early enough to help the student pass the course.

HOW does Early Alert work?

You will receive an "early alert" email at the third week of each semester inviting you to submit early alerts for your students. The process is quick and easy for you and makes a huge difference to your students! Please see our short step-by-step on how to submit an early alert.

How to Submit Early Alerts

WHY Participate?

This program has proven beneficial in helping our freshman and other "at-risk" students achieve success in their courses at UVU. Students who pass their classes, especially during their first year, are more likely to persist in school and graduate.


Please contact Jason Terry in First-Year Experience & Student Retention at Jason.Terry@uvu.edu.