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National Security Studies classes are being held face to face, through livestream, and online. The Center for National Security Studies is open and operating under normal hours.

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As national security issues continue to dominate the policy agenda and debate in Washington, D.C. and around the globe, UVU's Center for National Security Studies provides students with extensive study, discussion, and engaged learning opportunities in the national security field.

UVU hosts the only national security program in the State of Utah and aims to prepare its students for in-demand and high-paying jobs in the growing national security sector.

The Center offers an active academic environment on campus for students to study and engage in the critically important security challenges we face in the twenty-first century.  Whether students are interested in counterterrorism, homeland security, intelligence gathering and analysis, foreign relations, law and politics, diplomacy, or international development, our Center provides students with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities needed to succeed in these and related professions.


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Courses and Degrees in National Security

UVU offers over 40 interesting and challenging courses in National Security and related subjects.  In these classes, students acquire skills such as critical thinking, writing, briefing, and analysis techniques specifically tailored for the national security field, but applicable in many others.

UVU students may earn Bachelor's degree, a Minor and/or a Certificate of Proficiency in National Security Studies.

The CNSS also provides a wide range of extracurricular academic opportunities to students interested in national security, including events and symposia that bring the world's experts to campus, student panel discussions and debates, book and film discussions,  brown-bag events, student club activities and events, and networking opportunities.


UVU's Center for National Security Studies provides students invaluable opportunities to engage first-hand in national security issues.  Students have opportunities to intern with:

  • National security departments and agencies of the federal government
  • U.S. Congress and its committees
  • State government agencies and offices
  • International organizations
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Think-tanks, non -profits, advocacy groups, and academic centers
  • Private sector companies


A National Security Studies education will provide students with valuable internship and career opportunities with public and private sector employers in Utah, Washington, D.C., across the United States, and abroad.

Students may also participate in the National Security Society student club and publish or serve on the staff of the UVU Journal of National Security.


Careers related to national security are among the fastest growing profesions in the country.  Utah has experiences tremendous growth in the national security sector and Utah's unique set of strengths has made it a common destination and recruitment source for national security employers.  UVU provides students with the skills and experience needed to fill positions in the national security field.

UVU also assists students in preparing for advanced degree programs and careers in the fields with connections to national security studies such as law, international relations, military, homeland security, criminal justice, public administration, and political science.


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