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UVU's History Program is dedicated to developing the twenty-first century student. We provide the general student body a broad range of courses that increase global awareness, engagement, and informed citizenship while developing skills in critical thinking, writing, and oral expression. History majors can choose from a large number of in-depth upper division courses that further their content knowledge and expand their abilities to critically analyze past and current events in a variety of regions and nations. In all courses, students and faculty observe the human experience by investigating the diverse historical perspectives of the past and present. History faculty endeavor to teach in ways that foster independent thinking, engage students with historical conversations and debates, and improve students' ability to communicate in a variety of media. Students who successfully complete our programs will have a valuable set of skills for further study in graduate and professional programs and for careers in public service or private enterprise.

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UVU’s undergraduate history journal, published since 2003, highlights student research. Click to learn more about the journal and browse past issues.

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John MacFarlane

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Kindra Amott

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