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Welcome to the Honors Program at Utah Valley University  

Welcome to the Utah Valley University Honors Program! By choosing to join the Honors Program, you have demonstrated a genuine investment in the quality and depth of your undergraduate education. The entire Honors Program staff is here to advise you in your search for excellence. Many students, when asking about participating in Honors, wonder if it's harder; I always answer, "It's not always more work, but it is better work." In a series of small classes with other highly motivated students, you will find true peers willing to be guided by faculty invested in their students' intellectual potential. You will discover in yourself the ability to grapple with texts and ideas that have fascinated the world's great thinkers, writers, artists, and scientists, as well as the courage to try out new and challenging ideas, places and experiences. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Kate McPherson, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Honors Program Director


Honors Program Mission Statement

The Honors Program at Utah Valley University provides opportunities for highly motivated students pursuing any associate or baccalaureate degree to realize academic, professional, and personal potential. Honors offers a powerful first-year experience, sustained peer-group interactions, and small courses with outstanding faculty employing innovative classroom approaches. Honors students benefit from experiential learning, undergraduate research, cultural events, and dynamic social gatherings.

Students from all majors may pursue an Honors degree. Through Honors, each student can chart a customized program of study most suited to their post-baccalaureate plans.


Honors Program Objectives

  • 1. Encourage students to realize intellectual potential through challenging academic experiences

  • 2. Prepare students to embark successfully on post-baccalaureate endeavors

  • 3. Foster responsible citizenship through engaging students in enriching cultural activities, outdoor education, as well as a variety of research and service projects