RTP and Equity

Faculty member teaching a classEquity Gap

At UVU, we acknowledge systemic and structural inequities that are embedded within academia, particularly in the hiring and tenure processes. We are committed to reviewing our job descriptions and RTP criteria frequently and with a lens of equity, diversity, and inclusion to minimize and remove barriers that disadvantage historically marginalized groups.

Whole-person Development

We acknowledge that our faculty are whole people with lives that exist beyond the walls of the institution. Just as work experiences can impact personal life, personal experiences can impact work life. We hope to embrace and develop each faculty member as a whole person, providing a supportive environment in which to make space to be human and grow. If we don’t make room for a department member’s personal needs, it is unfair to ask them to make space in their personal lives for work.

Support Statement for Caregivers

We acknowledge that parenthood—motherhood in particular—and caregiving can impact the professional goals and trajectories of our faculty. Paths to tenure and rank advancement can be customized and adjusted to meet the needs of parents and caregivers. We are committed to regularly reviewing and revising our RTP criteria to ensure that parents and caregivers are not disproportionately disadvantaged by any criteria.

Support Statement for First-generation Faculty

We acknowledge that the majority of faculty, and particularly those who are the first in their families to work in academia, may not be familiar with RTP processes and the demands of a faculty position. We are committed to providing help and support for all of our faculty and encourage faculty to ask questions and provide feedback to improve these processes. 

Statement of Commitment

We therefore work with departments to ensure that RTP guidelines, procedures, and criteria are specific, promote personalized approaches, and allow for occasional variations in performance due to life circumstances. In all cases, faculty should work with their mentors, department chairs, and RTP committees to establish professional goals that are consistent with department and University criteria as well as the realities of their lives.