Program Admission Application

The Computer Engineering (CE) Program at UVU are engaging and challenging majors that prepares students for exciting careers and graduate programs in the field of Computer Engineering. Students begin their study by completing a series of foundation courses in Math, Science, Computer Science and Engineering. After successful completion of these foundation courses, students will apply and be accepted to the Computer Engineering Program before enrolling in upper division (3000 level or higher) major courses. A student not meeting all the admission requirements may be admitted with provisional status for one semester.

Applications for admission to the Computer Engineering program are accepted until two weeks prior to the start of a new semester. However, we encourage you to apply as early as possible.

Before applying to a UVU CE Program

  1. Apply to Utah Valley University
    • Acceptance to UVU is required prior to submitting an application to the UVU Engineering Program. Application to the University can be done online at the UVU admissions page. This includes transferring all credits from other institutions. All UVU deadlines and fees apply. Students are encouraged to apply to UVU early so all transfer credits can be evaluated before UVU Department of Engineering application deadlines. In order to graduate from UVU, students will be required to meet all UVU graduation requirements.
  2. Foundational Coursework
    Complete Foundational course work. A final grade of C or higher is required.


    MATH 1210 - Calculus I

    MATH 1220 - Calculus II


    PHYS 2210/2215 - Physics for Scientists & Engineers I & Lab

    PHYS 2220/2225 - Physics for Scientists & Engineers II & Lab

    Computer Science

    CS 1400 - Fundamentals of Programming


    ECE 1000 - Introduction to Engineering

    ECE 2700/2705 - Digital Design & Lab

    ECE 2250/2255 - Circuit Theory & Lab

    Student may apply to the program if they have not completed all foundation coursework. A provisional admission to the program is possible. However, students will not be allowed to take professional engineering courses (3000 and higher) if the prerequisites are not met. It is recommended that students meet all prerequisite coursework required prior to applying for admission.

  3. Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA
  4. Submit an Engineering Application
  5. Meet with Academic Advisor
    • Advisor will verify your application
    • Upload Unofficial Transcript
    • Upload Transfer Credit Awarded (if applicable)
    • Create and Upload Wolverine Track Graduation Plan
  6. Meet with ECE Faculty Mentor
    • Review Application and Graduation Plan
  7. Notification of Decisions
    • Students will be notified via myUVU email (indicated in application) about Admissions Decisions.
Please fill out the following to start your application: