Natalie Lynne Brewster

Natalie Lynne Brewster

Leadership Certification Programs Coordinator

Office: SL-116B

Phone: 801-863-7615

Mailstop: 220

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Born and raised in American Fork, Utah, Natalie is a proud Cavemen! Natalie's great, great, great Grandfather Edward Robinson was the first train conductor in the world and also settled American Fork, Utah.
Natalie attended UVU, and while enrolled at UVU, Natalie participated in the LDSSA, "I AM FIRST," and married her best friend, Ryan. A few years ago, she discovered her "why" when she gave birth to her daughter, Kallie Lynne. Natalie graduated from UVU with a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science, Psychology.
Before Student Life and Involvement, Natalie worked in the Center for The Advancement of Leadership as an Advisor and started at UVU as an Admin III in the Technology Management department where she now teaches adjunctly. She has a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership and an MBA.
Natalie loves the outdoors and has a special love for southern Utah. She loves sports and has been a Utah Jazz fan her whole life. She also considers herself a beach bum and whenever possible ventures to the beach where she can be seen collecting rocks, driftwood, and shells. Most of all, Natalie is proud to be a wife, mother, and wolverine.

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