Amy Saville

Amy Saville

Woodbury School of Business & Disney Internship Coordinator

Office: WB-146K

Phone: 801-863-6243

Mailstop: 203

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After graduating from Marsh Valley High School in Arimo, Idaho I attended LDS Business College with the desire to achieve an Associates degree in Office Administration. Marriage and children changed my path for a time. Now several years later with my 4 children all attending school, I find myself excited to work at UVU advising students and working towards a degree myself.

I started working in Internship Services in April 2016 and I'm pleased with what I have accomplished. I have expanded our relationship with the Disney College Program and UVU is now known as a Premier Disney University. I work regularly with the Disney Manger of recruiting in Orlando to grow this tremendous opportunity. My goal is to make this opportunity a reality for any and all UVU Students who are interested.

My position advanced from Administrative Assistant to University College, Disney and School of the Arts Coordinator. In this new role I have the great pleasure of helping students who want to participate in an exploratory internship, and students who what to complete an internship as the UVST Bachelors Degree requirement and students seeking an Art's Degree. This is a very broad spectrum of students and it is one of the best parts of my job. I love visiting with each student and helping them to find the path that best suits their career goals.

Then as of June 1, 2021 I have moved positions and will now have the privilege of working as the Woodbury School of Business Internship Coordinator. I am excited for this opportunity and hope to bring my very best to the WSB Students.

UVU is fantastic and I'm proud to say I'm a UVU Employee.

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