Dr. Anne Arendt

Faculty Member

Dr. Anne Arendt


Teaching Philosophy

Education provides tools to make informed decisions, synthesize ideas, formulate and achieve life goals, and critically evaluate relevant issues.

Students learn best when they construct their own knowledge through exploration and discussion.

Using student exploration as an instructional method allows students to be active contributors to the classroom, to delve into and take responsibility for their learning.

Engaging students in developmentally appropriate and meaningful tasks is the first step in effectively managing a classroom.

The chief causes of off-task behavior are frustration and boredom. By tailoring each lesson to student’s individual strengths and needs, connecting the material to student’s lives, and giving the work a purpose, the students become more engaged and involved.

As an educator, I strive for excellent in my students and myself.

Course materials should be challenging, interactive, and relevant to current issues and events. They should encourage students to think critically and to develop their own knowledge, values and beliefs.

One of the goals of education is to encourage life-long self-directed learning.

I encourage students to seek new knowledge and explore their own ideas with vigor and wonder.

In my interactions with students, I strive to always be respectful.

I want my students to learn to think critically, not merely to accept ideas and opinions. This means I equally must recognize ideas and opinions different than my own, particularly when the individual has an informed basis for their viewpoints.
I would like to be a catalyst for others to pursue their constructive dreams.

A bit of my background

I currently work for Utah Valley University as an associate professor in Technology Management. I have a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English, a Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, a Master of Science (M.S.) in Educational Change and Technology Innovation from Walden University, and a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) from Utah State University with an emphasis in higher education. I also have Six Sigma Black Belt Certification through the American Society of Quality (ASQ) and have been certified in the past with Project Management Professional (PMP) certification through the Project Management Institute (now expired). As you might guess, I love learning. I aspire to help other students love learning as well.


TECH 4420

Organization Information Technologies, Summer 2021

TECH 1010

Understanding Technology PP, Summer 2021

MGMT 6440

Advanced Project Management, Spring 2021

TECH 1010

Understanding Technology PP, Spring 2021


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Scholarly/Creative Works

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Excellence in Engaged Scholarship Award for Scholarship of Teaching & Engagement Conference

Utah Valley University - March, 2014

Excellence in Engaged Scholarship Award for Scholarship of Teaching & Engagement Conference VI paper proposal “Students Reach beyond Expectations with Cafeteria Style Grading”.

Utah Valley University Faculty Senate Faculty Excellence Award for the College of Technology and Computing

Utah Valley University - February, 2014

Utah Valley University Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence All Star Status

Utah Valley University - November, 2012

Utah Valley University Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence All Star Status for 2011/2012