As UVU continues to grow to address the industry and government needs, the College of Engineering & Technology has taken the necessary steps to act quickly to address the needs. In 2018, we embarked on a process to define our strategic plan to continue educating new generations of students who will address the current and the future needs of the region – students who are prepared to make immediate positive impact. We have identified four key objectives that also align with UVU's Vision 2030.

Ensure Continued Student Success

  • Continue with improvement of our programs to provide relevant and industry-need-based degree offerings.
  • Develop new programs as deemed critical to the mission of UVU and the needs of the region.

Strengthen Ties with Industry & Community

  • Seek industry-sponsored projects to engage and prepare students for practice
  • Assess the changing needs of the industry and modify curricula accordingly
  • Seek resources from industry

Enhance Branding, Marketing, and Communications

  • Better inform prospective students, parents, community, and industry partners of educational and service opportunities available in the College of Engineering and Technology today.

Increase Fundraising Activities

  • Secure necessary resources to support our objectives

The faculty, staff, and students at the College of Engineering & Technology (CET) represent an outstanding community whose work makes significant contributions to the Utah Valley region and beyond.

Those who have lived in this area and are familiar with UVU’s history note that much has changed over the past decade: enrollment has increased, new buildings have sprouted all over the campus, new ones are being planned, and the academic preparation of our students has never been better. This amazing progress notwithstanding, the Utah Valley region still desperately needs workers with the right set of skills. The technology companies surveyed by the Utah Technology Council have emphasized their struggle to find qualified candidates to fill engineering and technology positions and stated that they often must go out-of-state to recruit.

Given this roadmap, emerging technologies in computer science, information systems, cybersecurity, construction, transportation, and digital media are being integrated into our existing programs. We have developed new engineering programs deemed critical to the mission of UVU.