About the UVU Women Awards

The UVU Women Awards is a  series of awards to recognize change makers in our community who contribute to the Women's Success Center mission to help women graduate from Utah Valley University. These individuals or entities are being recognized for their work to inspire, encourage, and motivate women to complete their college degrees. Below, you will see descriptions of awards that may be given each year, however, not all awards will be given every year. 
The inagural UVU Women Awards ceremony took place November 13, 2019 and recognized three members from UVU and the larger community who have supported, and continue to support, the Women's Success Center and its mission.

2019 Award Winners

Krystal Guerra | Outstanding Alum

headshot of krystal guerra

Krystal is an example of what we hope all of our students can achieve. She set a goal, worked hard in school and is pursuing those dreams post graduation.

Susan Richards | Distinguished Service

headshot of susan richards

Susan is the founder and first chair of the Women’s Success Center Advisory Board and led our first

fundraising efforts for scholarships.

Kortney Osborne | Illumine Award

a headshot of kortney osborne

Kortney Osborne has endowed two Women’s Success Center scholarships. Kortney’s scholarships provide students four years of full tuition and child care at our Wee Care Center.

Potential Awards 

Illumine Award

The Illumine Award recognizes an individual who brings light to the lives of UVU students through their generous philanthropic work.

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes the contributions of an individual who has shared their time and talent in support of UVU women staying in school and completing their degrees.

Faculty Service Award

The Faculty award recognizes those faculty at Utah Valley Univeristy who embody the Women's Success Center mission through their scholarship, teaching, and service. Their dedication helps the Women's Success Center as we work toward our goal to keep women in school through graduation.  

Administrator Award

The Administrator Award recognizes an administrator who exemplifies the Women's Success Center mission in their work and service to the UVU community.

Student Acheivement Award

The Student Acheivement Award recognizes a UVU student who exemplifies the mission of the Women’s Success Center through their own work and pursuits, as well as by their example and dedication to their fellow students and the UVU community.

Alumni Award

Given to  a UVU alum who embodies the Women's Success Center mission by using their degree to pursue their dreams and find their success after graduation. This alum shows current students that an education is a worthy investment in future successes. 

Community Partner Award

The Community Partner Award recognizes the contributions of a community partner who has collaborated with the Women's Success Center mission and supports women as they work toward graduation.