UWHEN Writing Circle

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Would you like help and support from peers with your writing for research and/or creative projects? Then consider joining the new spring event offered by UVU UWHEN: Writing Circle. You can join the MS Team called UVU Writing Circle (hosted by UWHEN) found here: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/channel/19%3af2f18a8a66aa40dc8df8c0c848511f98%40thread.tacv2/General?groupId=2c08856f-4b71-4ece-9a0d-363e5bb8d95c&tenantId=1ea2b65f-2f5e-440e-b025-dfdfafd8e097

The Writing Circle offers

  • Weekly “Side-by-side” meetings (every Thursday and Friday, 3:30 – 5:00 pm, starting March 4) and
  • Monthly “Feedback” meetings (day/time TBA).

The “Side-by-side” weekly meetings are held in the appropriate MS Team channels (Thursday Meeting OR Friday Meeting). You may attend on Thursdays, Fridays, or both as your schedule allows. At the appropriate day/time, join the channel to work on your own (side by side), with other people. This could be a place where you can share your writing goals, work on your writing, and report on your past goals. Those interested could find a writing partner to support each other in more detail.

The monthly “Feedback” meetings will be announced every month. In this modality, participants can share their writings for comments and feedback in groups consisting of 3-4 people.

If interested, please join the UVU UWHEN Writing Circle and attend every or some of the meetings.