We believe in the power and impact educated women can bring to the world. That's why we work to support, encourage, and assist students on their journey. Help us support our students by donating to the Women’s Success Center and Wee Care Center.

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Women's Scholarship Luncheon

The Women's Scholarship Luncheon is one of the most successful fundraising events at Utah Valley University. Every year, those who attend the Women's Scholarship Luncheon generously donate to Women's Success Center scholarships in support of our students and the WSC mission.  Every dollar raised at the luncheon goes directly toward student scholarships. These funds are critical for helping women stay in school and find their success.

Supporting Women in School

Education is a critical component in helping a woman build the life she wants. In Utah, 72% of women work. This is higher than national averages.  A degree prepares a woman to find meaningful work for which she is well compensated. More than a pathway to a job or financial stability, we know that women with degrees report higher levels of overall and marital happiness, have overall better health and that their children read at higher levels and are more prepared for school. 

Eighty percent of UVU graduates stay to live, work and build lives in Utah. UVU is passionate about building a strong community and educating our students. Your donations support this work and it would not be possible without you.

Get the facts about why degrees are important for women in Utah here.



Scholarships & Programs

The Women’s Success Center offers programs and scholarships to help women succeed at Utah Valley University and after graduation. We help women build strong networks and find support on campus no matter what their goals.

Our programs include success coaching, Women of UVU student chapter, Women Lead, and the Wee Care Center. Through the Wee Care Center, the Women’s Success Center offers affordable, accessible, quality on-campus child care specifically for parent-students.

Scholarships through the Women’s Success Center help women stay in school and do well while here. On average, women who hold Women’s Success Center scholarships retain at rates 17 percent higher than their peers.

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Emergency Fund

One in four Americans couldn’t come up with $400 in an emergency

UV Women Giving is an emergency fund set up for students at UVU, funded by UVU faculty and staff, and community members. 

Small amounts of financial support in an emergency can be critical for keeping students in school and getting their degrees. Invest in our students by donating to the UVU emergency fund.

Contribute to the Emergency Fund

The Financial Situation of College Students

The price of a college education is higher than ever and continues to rise. The realities of daily life and rapidly increasing education costs, has many students living on the financial edge. Students often have little or no financial support from family or flexibility in their budgets as they work toward their degrees.

According to a report from the Federal Reserve Board, four in ten Americans would be unable to come up with $400 in an emergency and 55 million Americans have less than $1,000 in total savings.

Due to this, a single unforeseeable expense could send students into a financial spiral forcing them to choose between staying in school or paying basic living expenses. Because of this, UVU has established an emergency fund.

How It Works

Applications are available to all students at UVU. Students can apply for funds on a rolling basis throughout the year. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee and granted based on need.

These last dollar funds are available after students have used all non-repaid financial resources including federal grants and applications for scholarships.

Applications must include:

  • FAFSA or FAFSA 4caster
  • A brief essay including explanation of circumstances, need for urgent funding, and how funds would be used.

Students who apply are connected to campus and community resources to support their continued success and path to graduation.