Introduction from John T. Wilson, Internship Manager

Greetings Everyone!I am excited to work with all of you.

Although I was born in Texas and I claim to hail from there, I am really from wherever I hang my spurs. My father flew crop dusters (Stearman biplane) and helicopters for years so we moved often to follow the bugs. As romantic as that sounds, it was not an ideal life for a kid as I attended 11 different schools up to 4th grade. We finally settled down in Northern California on the Russian River.

At eighteen I enlisted in the military to avoid being drafted and stayed with Uncle Sam for 23 years. My tenure in the military put me in Asia (Vietnam, Thailand and Korea), eight years in Europe and the rest in the USA. Aviation seems to be a family tradition as I started as an Air Traffic Controller for a bit then went to flight school and spent the majority of my time as a helicopter instructor pilot. I have 4000 hours in UH-1 Hueys in which I was an instructor pilot, and the CH47 Chinook, flying Pershing missile nuclear warheads all over, hiding them from the Soviets. I finished a Bachelor of Science degree in Business while in the military.

After the military I flew offshore in the Gulf of Mexico for a gas company for a year and a half, then off to West Texas for a nine-year stint with a WWII aircraft-flying museum as the Flight Operations Officer. Now that was a fun nine years; managing air shows and flying, hot dog! Couldn't get much better.

As my children started to move away to Idaho and Utah for college, my wife and I decided to fulfill a longtime dream and move out of the flat high desert of Texas to the mountainous high desert of Utah. A job as a project manager for a high-tech Internet company paid my moving expenses. A year after moving I was given an opportunity to teach part time in Utah Valley University's (UVU) aviation program. This was perfect as I loved teaching and being in an educational environment. Much to my delight I was offered a full-time position with UVU's School of Business where I am an Internship Manager for the Woodbury School of Business. I am an adjunct instructor teaching business courses. My formal education was enhanced by achieving a Master of Business Administration.

I am delightfully married to a wonderful woman and we have four children, two Minpin dogs and an old grouchy cat. I love to garden, watch History Channel and to bicycle. Again, I am excited to work with you all!