UVU is dedicated to helping our parent-students succeed. The Women’s Success Center and Wee Care Center have numerous opportunities for families to engage with the centers and with each other to build a community of support.

Parent Advisory Board

The Wee Care Parent Advisory Board addresses parent concerns and develops peer-support opportunities for parents at Wee Care. This board meets once a month to discuss and assess Wee Care Center service and parent/child needs, generate creative ideas and solutions and propose activities that will help strengthen parent-student bonds and encourage retention at UVU.

If you would like more information about the Parent Advisory Board please contact weecarecenter@uvu.edu.

Family Activities

Throughout the semester the Wee Care Center hosts activities focused on strengthening families and helping parent-students connect with each other. These can include parent trainings such as Love and Logic classes and quarterly activities like our family carnival, winter gala and spring gathering.

UVU and Community Resources

We work closely with our campus and community partners to ensure parent-students are receiving the best support available.

Care About Childcare

The Women’s Success Center

The Melisa Nellesen Center for Autism

Kids on the Move

Help Me Grow