Web Services

Website Development

Web Development Services can help build and update department websites. Services related to website development include building new websites, revamping existing websites, restructuring/reorganizing site content, and optimizing website content for mobile friendliness.

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Website Design & Marketing

University Marketing & Communications can help improve your department's web presence with website design and graphics, digital signage, SEO, social media assistance, and marketing strategy.

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Web Analytics

Google Analytics reports are available for department websites.

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Web Development Services provides an option to add a blog to a department website. If your department is interested in starting a blog, there are some things to consider:

  • What would the purpose and goals of your blog be?
  • Who would the audience of your blog be?
  • Would you be able to dedicate the necessary time to keeping a blog updated regularly (at least 1 post per week recommended)?

If you'd like a department blog, submit a ticket or contact Web Development Services via email.

Professional Pages

The Professional Pages system is a directory of "profile" pages for faculty and staff of UVU. Faculty and staff members are encouraged to personalize and maintain their Professional Page to add details about their work experience and professional details, and to keep department, office, and phone information up-to-date and accurate.

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