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Volunteer and Service-Learning

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The Volunteer & Service-Learning Center is dedicated to providing service and service-learning opportunities for UVU students, faculty, and staff. Through programs and projects in the classroom, the community, and the world, the Center works to increase social and cultural awareness, build a sense of community commitment, and extend meaningful educational opportunities that increase knowledge and enhance academic skill.

The Volunteer & Service-Learning Center opened in the Sorensen Student Center in 1993. As the needs of the Center expanded, Volunteer and Service-Learning began to reach out to academic departments on campus to increase its ability to provide greater connections between service and learning. In 2001, the Center opened in its current incarnation. The partnership that now exists between academics and student life is unique on campus and represents a great opportunity to enhance and increase available services to students, faculty, and the community.

The Volunteer & Service-Learning Center is staffed by a full-time Director, Summer Valente, and a full-time Program Coordinator, Laura Christopherson, and a part-time administrative assistant, Tracy Taylor. Dr. Eric Russell, is a full-time faculty member who receives 6 credits of reassigned time to coordinate academic service-learning initiatives. The Center is supported by work-study students and student leaders (Student Service Council). The Center is funded through student fees and academic affairs.


The Volunteer & Service-Learning Center engages students, faculty, staff, and community organizations in collaborative work and sustained partnerships to create transformative learning experiences and positive community change.

Volunteer & Service-Learning Center Presentations

If you would like someone from our office to present on the services we have to offer or to present on another specific topic such as student professionalism, breaking the stigma of poverty, civic engagement or another topic of your choice please contact Lori Phipps at lori.phipps@uvu.edu or call 801-863-8786.

In support of the mission, the Volunteer & Service-Learning Center works with students, faculty, and staff to provide opportunities and support in the following areas:

Meet our Volunteer & Service-Learning Center Staff

Several students attend a Volunteer event and participate in a service project

Service Council History

Prior to Fall 2003, student service on campus was housed in two different offices and led by two different students. The UVUSA Service President worked as part of the Independent Branch of student government and reported to the Student Body President. The Service President worked in the V&SL and reported to the coordinator of that office. Each of these positions worked hard to involve more students in the community, but too often their efforts were duplicated.

In March 2003, these two positions were combined into what is now the position of Service President. The Service President still works with the Student Body President and the Independent Branch of UVUSA, acting as a voting member of the Student Council. The Service President works to involve as many people as possible through student government as well as through the Center’s resources. This new model works to more effectively involve students in community outreach.