Portrait of Jaxon Olsen

Jaxon Olsen

"I have always been an individual that believes that a college experience is far more than what happens inside the classroom and my time on student government allowed me to become a much more well-rounded individual and graduate. The lessons and skills I learned on student government not only helped me get into graduate school, but I also believe that they will be extremely valuable in my future career. But what was most important to me about student government was the sheer joy I felt walking into school every day; I felt like I had purpose and that I was making a real difference in the lives of my fellow students. My collegiate career wouldn’t have been the same without student government!"

Portrait of Tamara Harutyunova

Tamara Harutyunova

"As an international student at UVU I always thought that there is more to the college experience than just earning a degree. The Student Government Association not only helped me to develop my leadership skills, but also opened so many amazing opportunities for me. I loved and honored the time I had to be a part of student government. You build relationships and you grow as a person and you help others to grow as well. Our ultimate goal was to help other students succeed and, of course, enjoy their time while they are in college. It was an amazing experience and gave me unforgettable memories."

Portrait of Kylie Tanner

Kylie Mcgill Tanner

"My time in student government at UVU did everything for my college experience. From doing the bare minimum my freshman year to serving on UVUSA the following year, I was able to see a huge difference in my productivity, success, and overall happiness. I felt like I had a purpose for being at school and an important responsibility to fulfill. Through UVUSA I gained friendships of a lifetime, learned about the power of student voice, and met my (now) husband!"

Ann Richardson Scholarship


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About the Scholarship

Portrait of J. Ann Richardson

Upon retiring in 1997, J. Ann Richardson had worked at UVU for almost 20 years, dedicating her time and efforts to bettering the student experience. Under her direction, the student leadership opportunities and programming available grew and flourished. Ann encouraged creativity and innovation amongst students, which in turn resulted in experiences and programs unique to the campus. Her legacy of ingenuity is the foundation for what the Department of Student Leadership and Involvement is at UVU today. In honor of her service to the students of UVU, the 2006-2007 Student Council fundraised and endowed a scholarship in her name.

The J. Ann Richardson Student Leadership Scholarship is awarded to volunteers taking part in various UVUSA Student Government programs who are making a difference on campus as they pursue their educational goals. The scholarship was first funded by students but is now open to anyone who wants to give. The J. Ann Richardson Student Leadership Scholarship has helped many students who are passionate about student leadership and honors Ann’s service and dedication by shaping the leaders of the future.