CTC Online Course (Non Certificate)

We have chosen to provide the CTC Online curriculum to all emergency responders via the UFRA website. We believe that all firefighters and fire officers will benefit greatly by reading the curriculum and participating in the interactive exercises.

The CTC Online Course (Non Certificate) contains the same content and activities as does the CTC certificate course, excluding the quizzes and final examination. Your participation in the CTC Online Course (Non Certificate) will not be accounted for in the event you enroll in the certificate course in the future.

To access the CTC Online Curriculum:

  1. Click on the following link: https://open.uvu.edu/login/index.php - The CTC online course is currently unavailable.  If you have questions please email Ryan Peterson.
  2. Select "Login as a guest"
  3. Select "Non-Credit" from the Course Categories
  4. Select "Command Training Center Pre-Course"

We hope you enjoy the course and we hope to see you in the Command Training Center in the future.