University College provides a place and a path for every student by ensuring a rewarding learning experience through foundational coursework, engaged learning, and peer tutoring and mentoring. With a specific emphasis on first-generation and nontraditional students, University College wants to help each student develop the skills necessary to think critically, solve problems, and prepare for the rigors of university-level scholastics. We invite you to consider donating to one or more of our many initiatives and supporting University College in its mission to see students through to the completion of their educational goals.

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First Generation Student Scholarships

Over a third of the UVU student body are first-generation students, coming from households where neither parent has received a degree. They face major hurdles in their educational journey, with less than a quarter of first-generation students making it to graduation. Typically coming from low income households, the top reason for drop out is financial difficulties. Help eliminate financial barriers and radically improve their path to success by donating to our First-Generation Student Scholarship fund.

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University College Greatest Needs Fund

Managed by the Dean of University College, the Greatest Need Fund allows our college to pinpoint and address immediate needs across all departments and programs. Projects may include assisting students and faculty with technology needs, providing emergency student funding, or creating scholarship opportunities.


Study Abroad Opportunity Scholarship

Help breakdown financial barriers and open the door to a world of knowledge and engaged learning experiences for UVU students. These faculty-led programs offer students an opportunity to learn language, culture, politics, and more in one of sixteen different countries across four different contents. Learn more about where the students you help will go at the Office of Global Engagement website.

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Writing Center

The Writing Center helps students become confident, independent writers by assisting with current writing projects, building skills toward future writing projects, and inspiring them to tell their story. The writing center also provides employment opportunities for tutors to teach writing principles and hold workshops. Its services are always free and available not just to students, but also to faculty, staff, and community members from various backgrounds.

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Utah Valley Mentor Program

The UVU mentors are a group of current students dedicated to helping their peers by passing on what they have learned during their time at UVU. Working one-on-one and in the classroom, mentors dedicate themselves to making our university a friendlier, more inclusive, and more student-centered place. Your donation will help us hire more student mentors and provide better opportunities for leadership training and a peer-to-peer programming.

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ESL Community Education Scholarship

The mission of ESL Community Education is to help individuals learn how to read, write, and speak English to improve their work and personal life. These classes are available to anyone—you do not need to be a UVU student to enroll. Your donation gives individuals in need an opportunity to take the classes they need to bridge their language gap and succeed.

General Employee Giving

The success of UVU depends on you! As a UVU employee, you are encouraged to make a gift to help the university achieve its mission of student success. If you have any questions or would like to give to a specific area please contact Matt Bloxham.

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