After Your Trip

  1. Please allow a few day for expenses from your UVU Travel card to hit CONCUR.
  2. Account for each appropriate and eligible expense on the Expense portion inside CONCUR.
  3. Attach all receipts by clicking on Attach and accessing either your receipt library or scanned/emailed receipts. Hotel charges need to be itemized and the bill must show a zero balance due, also attach receipts for baggage, taxi, limousine, rental car, and miscellaneous. WE NO LONGER REQUIRE MEAL RECEIPTS UVU now uses the GSA Meal Per Diem rates
  4. An approved travel request must be attached to all Expense reports
  5. Submit within CONCUR system
  6. Once your expenses have been approved by your supervisor and responsible party it will go to Accounting review ALL EXPENSES ARE 100% audited.
  7. Your payment will be made through Banner
  • Because we individually audit each reimbursement, please allow three to five days for processing.
  • Travel Reimbursement Checks will be mailed unless you are on direct deposit.
  • Any reimbursements that need to be made back to the University should be deposited with the Cashiers, and the receipt attached to your expense report
  • Do not turn in checks to the Travel Office.