Student Stories

Student Stories

Our Technology Management graduates and students are continuously involved in a variety of innovative projects, career opportunities, and successful business ventures. We provide our students with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in industries with a growing demand for Technology Management degree holders. We encourage provoking creativity to solve industry challenges. Check out how just a few of our many students have achieved success through determination and hard work.

Pura Scents

Richie Stapler, a Technology Management graduate, became the CEO and co-founder of a kick-starter company, Pura Scents, when he invented the world's first smart air freshener. This Orem-based creation is a fully programmable air freshener that can easily be controlled via smart phone. Richie and his growing team gained funding and contributions as the product showed great promise and growth. Recognition from Forbes, Digital Trends, CNET, and more have praised the ingenuity of the product and company. To find out more about Pura Scents, visit the following link

pura scents air freshener and logo










 RIoT Challenge

The annual conference, RIoT, or the Robotics and the Internet of Things, 2016 winners included Tyler Thorsted, a UVU Technology Management student, and team. Altogether 10 teams competed to win. Each was faced with the challenge to utilize sensors form a main sponsor, Monnit, and create solutions to solve real industry needs. Tyler and team used the sensors to collect data from beehives. They wanted to identify key issues that may lead to the collapse of a bee colony. 

Tyler Thorsted speaking at RIoT


Tanner Wheadon

Our Technology Management graduate Tanner Wheadon has been involved numerous groups, projects, and activities including but not limited to: the Technology Management Student Advisory Committee, student employee of UVU Economic Development, a UVSELF Workshop leader, and a University Innovation Fellows candidate. He also recently gave an outstanding presentation at Microsoft for the 2016 University Innovation Fellows Silicon Valley Meetup. It's been exciting watching Tanner succeed over the years and represent our university and department. Because of his hard work, he received the 2016 Technology Management Student of the Year award. 

 Tanner Wheadon with Innovation Fellows group


2015 URSCA Award Recipient

Recent Technology Management graduate and Undergraduate Research Scholarly and Creative Activities Award Recipient, Ben Arciniega, used his grant to fund a 3D printer for Primary Children's hospital. 

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2015 Women Tech Council Academic Excellence Award

Jessica Harris was, winner of the 2015 Women Tech Council Academic Excellence Award. Jessica demonstrated strong potential in STEM courses and took on leadership roles through her academic career. She has been involved through UVU's College of Technology & Computing as Student Senate Representative and hired as a mentor in the Math-Forensics Conference. She took part of the Roots of Knowledge project, an ongoing stained glass window project at UVU, showcasing her project management skills and collaborative work with the Office of Engaged Learning. Outside of class, Jessica has immersed herself in various community engagements with volunteer contributions. 

Jessica Harris holding award