BS in Tech

Bachelor of Science Degree in Technology Management

The Bachelor of Science degree in Technology Management prepares graduates to lead and manage technology-intensive organizations or to continue their education at the post-graduate level. The degree focuses heavily on technology development, leadership, and management skills needed for globally competitive organizations. Students are encouraged to select course work to meet the particular needs of their chosen profession.

Students may enter the TM degree with an AAS degree in a technical area, or with 45 approved credits in one or related technical areas without an AAS degree. Students may also enter the degree as freshmen and work on their technical credits and TM courses in parallel.

Students build on their technical education and experience in their chosen profession by completing 45 upper-division semester hours in required management and elective courses. Courses in Project Management, Materials Management, Quality Assurance, Safety, Marketing, Information Technology, and Global, Ethical, and Professional Issues are available. A senior capstone project class gives students the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned in previous classes. In addition, students must satisfy UVU's general education requirements.

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Program Learning Outcomes