At UVU Adult Learners are students who are generally 25 years of age and older with intersecting factors that shape their experience. This includes, but is not limited to: delayed college enrollment, part-time enrollment, financial independence, full-time employment as a student, status as a parent or guardian of dependents, military connection, and/or students without a traditional form of a high school diploma.

If you identify with any of these factors the resources highlighted here may be of particular interest as you prepare to enter (or re-enter) the university. That's not all, we are continuing to work on providing additional resources that we will update on here.

There is a place for you at UVU.

Resource Highlights


Are you ready to begin your journey? 

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Your academic advisor is your guide along your academic journey and will be assigned to you after admission. 

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Financial Aid & Scholarships

From grants, scholarships, and student loans our Financial Aid counselors can help students identify resources to help pay for classes.

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Returning Wolverine Grant

Available for students who are returning to UVU with 90 or more credits. The application is typically available from October to March.

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Online Programs

Busy Schedule? We understand. Check out our online programs that offer the flexibility you need.

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Wee Care

We are dedicated to helping our parent-students succeed and to providing high-quality, on-campus childcare to their children. 

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Other Resources

UVU offers many other resources to ensure the success of our students. From academic and career resources to learning assistance & tutoring.

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