In 2004, the Student Success & Completion Committee (SSCC), formally the Student Success and Retention Committee (SSRC), was organized to study the significant retention problem at UVU (at that time losing 60% of freshman in the first year). At the conclusion of that study, which included a Foundations of Excellence® survey to faculty and staff, a Title III grant proposal was written and accepted and UVU's retention work began. At the conclusion of the five-year grant, UVU's strategy resulted in a 14 percentage point increase in student retention. Building on that success, SSCC developed and began implementing a completion plan in 2015.

Student Success and Completion Committee (SSCC)

Retention and completion efforts at UVU are a university-wide collaborative effort lead by Michelle Kearns, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management in Student Affairs, and David Connelly, Associate Vice President for Academic Programs in Academic Affairs.

Michelle Kearns

Title: AVP – Chair

Dept: Enrollment Management

Portrait of Michelle Kearns

David Connelly

Title: Associate Provost

Dept: Academic Programs

Portrait of David Connelly

Alexis Palmer

Title: AVP

Dept: Student Life/Dean of Students

Portrait of Alexis Palmer


Title: AVP

Dept: Inclusive Excellence

Portrait of Kari Gary

Bryan Waite

Title: Professor

Dept: Secondary Education

Portrait of Bryan Waite

Christina Baum

Title: AVP

Dept: Academic & Student Digital Success

Portrait of Christina Baum

Darin Eckton

Title: Associate Professor/Department Chair

Dept: Student Leadership & Success Studies

Portrait of Darin Eckton

Derek Kent

Title: Program Director - Completion

Dept: Enrollment Management

Portrait of Derek Kent

Elaine Lewis

Title: Director

Dept: First-Year Advising Center

Portrait of Elaine Lewis

Eric Humphrey

Title: Senior Registrar

Dept: Admissions and Registration

Portrait of Eric Humphrey

Hilary Hungerford

Title: Associate Professor, Faculty Senate President

Dept: Earth Sciences

Portrait of Hilary Hungerford

John Curl

Title: Director

Dept: Financial Aid & Scholarships

Portrait of John Curl

Karen Magaña-Aguado

Title: President


Portrait of Karen Magaña-Aguado

Kari Gary

Title: Business Systems Analyst for Student Success

Dept: Academic IT and Analytics

Portrait of Kari Gary

Makana Santiago

Title: Student VP Intern

Dept: Student Affairs

Portrait of Makana Santiago

Mark Leany

Title: Sr. Research Analyst

Dept: Institutional Research

Portrait of Mark Leany

Michael Snapp

Title: Director

Dept: Career Development Services

Portrait of Michael Snapp

Noemy Medina

Title: Director

Dept: First-Year Experience & Student Retention

Portrait of Noemy Medina


Title: Senior Director

Dept: University Advising

Portrait of Sr. Director

Tammy Clark

Title: Associate Provost

Dept: Engaged Learning

Portrait of Tammy Clark

Tammy Nguyen

Title: Director - Program Completion

Dept: Academic Affairs for Academic Programs

Portrait of Tammy Nguyen

Tiffany Evans

Title: Director - Program Completion

Dept: Academic Affairs for Academic Programs

Portrait of Tiffany Evans

Wendy Athens

Title: Senior Director

Dept: Office of Teaching and Learning

Portrait of Wendy Athens

For questions regarding this committee, please contact Michelle Kearns at .

Faculty Connections & Academic Experience

The Faculty Connections committee is established to assist UVU with retention and completion efforts, along with assisting the UVU President in reviewing and selecting the freshman read each year.

  • Noemy Medina (Chair)
  • Taylor Jarman (Admin. Assistant)
  • Benjamin Johnson (UC-SLSS) (2019-2021)
  • Owen Peterson (T&C) (2019-2021)
  • Jane Carlson (Education) (2018-2020)
  • Isaac Hurtado (SOA) (2019-2021)
  • Kristin de Nesnera (Science) (2017-2019)
  • Dustin Jansen (CHSS) (2018-2020)
  • Erika Johnson (UC) (2019-2021)
  • Martha Wilson (FYESR)
  • Michelle Kearns (AVP SSR)
  • Jessica Ballard (WB) (2019-2021)

For questions regarding this committee, please contact Noemy Medina at .