Action Learning Leader

An Action Learning Leader (ALL) is a student leader who is dedicated, passionate, and committed to adventure in learning. An ALL is interested in sharing knowledge and experience with others. As an ALC, one has the opportunity to lead in many aspects, which include: building targeted engaged learning expeditions, building an Action Learning Community, creating special programs, conduction classroom presentations, creating promotions and adventure excursions. ALL's ARE ENGAGED ADVENTURE LEARNERS!

As an ALL you will be trained, supported and compensated in creating the highest and most engaging adventure learning activities in your area of interest and those in your Action Learning Community.  Check out all these Action Learning Expeditions already set for this school year.  As an ALL, you can create your own Action Learning Expedition—engaging in your area of intense interest and genius.  

Want to be an ALL? Drop by the Office of Student Involvement, fill out an application and build your Action Learning Community. Hey, you can even get paid!

Office of Student Involvement is located in the Student Life and Wellness Building 241m. 801-863-6949.

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