Prenatal Care

If you are pregnant and need...

  • Referral to an OB physician
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Think you may be ill
  • Information regarding medication use
  • Answers to question or concerns

...make an appointment with one of the Nurse Practitioners

1st Trimester Advice:

  • Rest
  • Take prenatal vitamins with iron and folic acid
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco and all medications
  • Avoid fish, particularly canned tuna
  • *May continue work and normal activities
  • *May continue to exercise
  • *May continue sexual intercourse
  • If nausea/vomiting severe - call SHS or your physician
  • If vaginal bleeding or lower abdominal cramping occurs, go to bed, drink plenty of fluids and call your physician. If bleeding becomes profuse - go to the Emergency room.

*If no vaginal bleeding or pelvic cramping exists.

Medical Services


  • Call 911