Reporting Academic Misconduct


  Once you catch an act of academic misconduct, discuss it with the student, and makes a final decision/sanction, it must be reported to the Office of Student Conduct according to the Student Rights and Responsibilities Code,  Policy 541.



Reports can be made using the online reporting feature, or by emailing the Director of Student Conduct.



Academic misconduct records are retained one of two ways, based on faculty recommendation:

Informally, or not entered in to the student's disciplinary file. Typically, informal reports are made  for first-time and/or minor offenses that do not result in grade reduction, failing grade, or removal from class. Informal records may become formal records if a student is found responsible for multiple academic infractions.

Formally, and entered in to the student's disciplinary file with the University. Formal records usually result from academic infractions that result in a failing grade, academic probation, suspension, or expulsion. Egregious violations or multiple violations will be entered as permanent records.

The Office of Student Conduct retains all records of misconduct and sanctions in order to maintain a single institutional standard for the retention of records. Records are kept in order to hold students accountable for remedying violations of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Code, and to hold administrators and faculty accountable for their disciplinary decisions.

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