Student Success Courses

Student Success Courses

SLSS 1000 - University Student Success (3 credits)

Want to be a better student and succeed in college?  Learn effective strategies including goal setting, time management, and study skills.

SLSS 101R - Student Success Topics (3 credits)

Want to be a part of unique and innovative opportunities?  Current courses involve Design Thinking and a UVU Academic Journal: The Journal of Student Leadership. Join the Staff!

SLSS 1050 - Library Research (1 credit)

Taking too long to write your research papers?  Enhance information-gathering abilities for in-depth research.

SLSS 1100 - Stress Management (3 credits)

Got stress?  Develop effective coping and stress management skills with a holistic approach.

SLSS 1190 - Power Learning Strategies (3 credits)

Want to become a more productive learner?  Discover how you learn best to understand and remember key information in college texts.

SLSS 1195 - Speed Reading (2 credits)

Want to read faster and remember it?  Increase your reading speed and comprehension.

SLSS 120R - Testing Strategies for Educators (1 credit)

Nervous about the Praxis?  Prepare to meet requirements for admission into the Education program and state licensure.

SLSS 2100 - Major and Career Exploration (3 credits)

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Learn more about yourself and develop goals for graduation and beyond.

SLSS 281R - Internship (1-8 credits) / SLSS 481R - Advanced Internship (1-12 credits)

Is this your kind of job?  Discover your passion through practical and professional internships.

UVST 1100 - Prior Learning Assessment Theory & Practice (3 credits)

Want college credit for past learning?  Identify areas you may want evaluated for college-level equivalency.

UVST 289R - Undergraduate Research (1 credit)

Looking for research opportunities?  Utilize Phi Theta Kappa’s “Honors in Action” program to get involved in research.

UVST 290R - Community Engagement & Applied Learning (1 credit)

Looking for service-learning opportunities?  Utilize Phi Theta Kappa’s “Honors in Action” program to get involved in service-learning.

UVST 481R - Internship (1-8 credits)

Is this your kind of job?  Increase knowledge and skills in personal or career-related areas.

UVST 4930 - Capstone (3 credits)

Ready for your Capstone project?  Reflect on learning, demonstrate achievement, and develop writing and communication skills.