Student Leadership Courses

Leadership Courses


SLSS 103R - Student Leadership and Development (1-4 credits)

Want to lead in the UVU community?  Explore the structure and culture of student involvement in campus leadership.

SLSS 104R - Student Leadership and Development (1-4 credits)

Want to learn more about how you can participate in democracy?  Focus on civics as a crucial element of leadership (e.g. International Student Council).

SLSS 1200 - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (3 credits) / 120H (7 Habits Honors Section)

Want to find your voice and transform your life? Build a lifelong foundation of principle-based behavior and habits.

SLSS 2300 - Leadership Mentoring 2 (3 credits) / SLSS 240R - Mentoring Leadership Practicum (1-2 credits)

Want to lead as a UVU mentor?  Develop leadership and interpersonal skills and then apply them.

SLSS 2500 - Leader: Strengths-Based Leader/Coach (3 credits)

Want to find your strengths and learn how to use them?   Identify and leverage strengths to optimize performance.

SLSS 3200 - Leader: Teacher and Mentor (3 credits)

Want to improve the way you lead, teach, and mentor others?  Become more effective by facilitating learning.

SLSS 402G - Global Professionalization (3 credits)

Trying to expand your professionalism?  Deepen your global and intercultural understandings and apply them in a professional setting. 

SLSS 405G - Leader: Global Contributor (3 credits)

Would you like to make a difference in the world?

Explore leadership through global, political, economic, social, and behavioral systems.

SLSS 4800Leader Capstone: Lifelong Change Agent (4 credits)

Want to lead a team in a real-world project? Propose, lead, and collaborate on a relevant project.