Signage Details



Commercial organizations will be charged a $75 non-refundable fee.

Non-commercial organizations will not be charged.


Non-commercial organizations

  • The number of posters allowed for approval is dependent on the length of time they will be on display.
  • Posters can be 8 1/2 x 11 inches or 11 x 17 inches.

Commercial organizations

  • Can not exceed 8 1/2 x 11 inches in size.
  • Can not hang more than 5 posters.

Time Frame

Non-Commercial Posters:

  • 1 to 25 posters: 2 Months
  • 26 to 50 posters: 1 month

Commercial Posters:

  • No longer than a 14-day period


All approved posters can ONLY be hung at designated bulletin boards and tack strips throughout campus. And no more than one flier for any event may be posted on any single non-departmental bulletin board or kiosk.

Additional Location(s) Info

Poster Hanging Locations:

  • Browning Admin Building:
    • Level 2: 2 tack strips next to the drinking fountain (view image)
    • Hall of Flags: 1 tack board on west wall at the north end (view image)
  • Clark Building:
    • Level 3: Tack strips on 2 white boards (view image)
  • Computer Science Building:
    • 1 cork board on the lowest level behind the stairs in the center of the commons area (view image)
  • Gunther Trades Building:
    • Level 3: 3 Tack Strips and one tack board in between the hallway joining the GT to the Sparks Automotive ( view image )
    • Level 4: 1 Small cork board near east doors by courtesy phone (view image)
    • Level 6: 1 Small cork board next to GT 621 (view image)
    • Please note! The board at the bottom of the stairs on level 3 of the  GT building is designated as an Outdoor Adventure Center board only. Any other signage will be taken down and disposed of.
  • Health Professions Building:
    • 1st Level: 1 tack strip near main entrance 
  • LA Building:
    • Level 1: 1 tack board across from LA121 (view image)
  • Library:
    • Level 1: Near the copiers (view image)
    • Level 2: 1 cork board next to the circulation desk (view image)
  • National Guard Building and Wasatch Campus:
    • Don’t forget the HP, NG, and Wasatch Campuses 
  • Rebecca Lockhart Arena Building:
    • Concourse: 1 tack board on the west wall by the vending machines
    • Level 1: 1 tack board with glass doors on west wall next to Campus Recreation Board and RL113 (view image)
    • 1 tack board with glass doors on west wall next to Campus Recreation Board and RL147 (view image)
    • 1 tack board next to vending machines
    • 1 tack strip by RL 147
  • Science Building:
    • Next to the vending machines entering the building and entering into the atrium (view image)
  • Sorensen Student Center:
    • 1 Cork board seen when entering the Valley View Cafeteria from the SC206 hallway (view image)
  • Woodbury Business Building:
    • Level 1: Far right board across from Veterans Center
    • Level 2: 1 tack cork board on inside the main entrance of the 2nd level, east side (view image)

 Other Materials


Handbills and fliers are a great way to advertise for your event, but handing these out on campus does come with certain limitations.

  • Any person may hand out and distribute non-commercial handbills, petitions, or other written material throughout campus without prior approval, as long as the distributed materials clearly identify the author or sponsor of the materials, and are subject to time, manner, and place restrictions.
  • Any person distributing commercial handbills or other written materials will be personally responsible for their content and will hold the University harmless for any assessed damage or liability incurred as a result of the distribution of the handbills of material.


Commercial organizations are encouraged to reserve a table to pass out their fliers/handbills or promote their organization.

Reserving a table with Event Services

Tables are available Monday–Friday from 9:00am-3:00pm and can be scheduled through Event Services (801-863-8612).

The cost is $125.00 per reservation and may only be made three times a calendar year per organization.

Organizations must request to reserve a table 14 days in advance.

These tables are located at the Student Life Wall across from the Bookstore in the Sorensen Center and the Lockhart Arena concourse.


The size of the fliers/handbills that are being handed out is up to the organization, but may not be larger than 8x10.

There is a limit of 500 handbills for each event regardless if your organization falls under commercial or noncommercial.

Time Frame

Distribution of handbills is not restricted to a certain time frame.


Handbills may be handed out anywhere on campus, but must adhere to the placement and distribution restrictions. 

At the moment there is only one kiosk where handbills may be placed. It is located in the Sorensen Center just down from Center Stage, and across from the UVU Bookstore.

Any kiosk owned by a specific Department may only display their own departmental handbills.

Important Placement and Distribution Restrictions

Distribution of these handbills must not interfere with the entrances and exits of university buildings or the normal flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Handbills may not be handed out within classrooms, academic and administrative departments or offices. The distribution may not interfere with classes, and teaching--or university activities related to teaching, may not disrupt the functioning of events of the University, and may not interfere with the rights of other members of the university community.

Handbills or other written materials may not be placed on, attached to, or affixed to personal property (including but not limited to vehicles) without the owner’s permission and may not be dropped or left on the ground or floors, fixtures, furniture, or in other areas in violation of applicable littering laws. They must be physically handed to a person or placed in designated kiosk.

Table Tents

Time Frame

Table Tents can be placed no more than two weeks.


Table tents can be placed only on the tables of specific buildings.

No more than two table tents may be placed on any table regardless of the number of organizations advertising with table tents at the time.

Locations Info

  • Sorensen Center Commons
  • Student Life and Wellness Center
  • Gunther Trades
  • Woodbury Business
  • Computer Science
  • Losee Center

Table Displays

Time Frame

Table Displays can be placed on Dining Service tables for no more than two weeks, and must be scheduled through Campus Connection.


The number of Table Displays that your organization may utilize are limited to half the number of available displays, and must be placed on every other table. Display Holders can hold flyers at a maximum size of 4x9.

Additional Location(s) Info

Table Displays can be placed on the following locations:

  • Mom Fulton's Cafe (4 tables total)
  • Taco Bell (9 tables total)
  • Green Line Cafe (10 tables total)
  • Farr's Fresh (55 tables total)
  • Food Court (55 tables total)

Your organization is responsible for placing your signage on the correct number of tables you were assigned, and are also responsible for removing the signage after your event, or when your two week allotment is over.

Sidewalk Chalk


There is no fee for drawing signage with chalk, but individuals or organizations that fail to comply with the location restrictions may be fined any additional cost needed for the removal of the sidewalk chalk.


There is no size requirement.

Time Frame

These messages must be on the ground, and must be removed by the end of the day. 


Messages written in sidewalk chalk may be drawn on sidewalks located in the Pope Science Courtyard and the Student Life Wellness Center Plaza but are not permitted on any permanent standing structures.

Messages or slogans of any kind may not be painted, hung, or otherwise written on trees, buildings, windows, sidewalks, grounds, fountains, walls, or other structures or surfaces, or on the personal property of others.