Submitting 25Live Event Requests


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Log into 25Live

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Click "Sign In" at the top right corner, next to the current date. Log in using your UV ID and password.

sign in

Step 3: Click the "Event Wizard" tab near the upper left corner.


Enter information about your event

Step 4: Complete the pages as requested

Page 1

Name of event: This is the name that will appear in published calendars, so use the official title rather than vague descriptions where possible (e.g. "Library Learn-a-thon" rather than "January event at library")

Event Type: Choose one from the available list. The field can't be changed once your event have been saved (click "All Event Types" under "Find by..." to view them all).  If you do not want the event posted on the calendars, do not select any type.  

Sponsoring Organization: Select the primary organization hosting the event (click down arrow - browse)

Additional Organizations: If the event is a joint effort between two or more organizations, you may add the others here.

Click "Next" to move on.

          Page 2

Expected Head Count: Give an estimate of the number of people you expect to attend your event.

Event Description:  Include a complete description of your event, as well as the name, email address, and phone number of the person to contact regarding question concerning this event.  This information will appear on the UVU Calendar.

                    Click "Next" to move on.

                    Page 3

                    Does this event have more than one occurrence

                    Page 4

                    Event Date and TimeEnter only the actual time for your event  

                    Does this event require set-up (pre-event time) or take down (post-event time)

                    Click "Next" to move on

                    Page 5

                   Location: Select your preferred location.  Do not assume that your location is reserved.  All assignments are not finalized until you receive an email from the UVU scheduling office.

                   If you need to search for locations:  click on saved searches, then click on public searches.

                   Click "Next" to move on  

                     Page 6

                     Resources:  Event resources need.  This is a required field.  If no resources needed, click  "No resources needed"

                     Click "Next" to move on

                     Page 7

                     Categories:  Select only ONE.  Select the category that best fits your event.

                     Click "Next" to move on

                     Page 8

                     Addition comments and notes:  What else should the event schedulers (Joel/Tracy) should know about your event?

                     Click "Next" to move on.

           Page 9

                     Select "Draft" .  Event schedulers (Joel/Tracy) will complete the process and will send an email confirming the event.  Please review the particulars of the event.

                     Click "Save" to complete your part of the process.


Review your event information.

You can make edits or changes to this information until a member of the Scheduling staff changes your event's status from Draft to Confirmed.

After that, contact the UVU Scheduling Office for any changes.

You can also email the event details to yourself or others by clicking the "Email" button.