Coronavirus Q&A - Students

Last updated 03/27/2020 3:15pm

Student Health and Campus Services


What campus services will be open?

As part of UVU’s modified operations, the following facilities and service changes are effective immediately:

  1.  UVU’s Wee Care Center (child care) is closed until further notice. 
  2. The fitness center, bowling alley, and game section in the Student Life and Wellness Center (SLWC) are closed through May 1; all other SLWC services remain open.
  3. The Testing Center will remain closed until further notice.
  4. The computer lab in the Fulton Library and the SC 215 lab in the Sorensen Student Center will remain open with modified hours; all other open labs will be closed until further notice.
  5. Academic advising services will be conducted predominantly online. Academic tutoring is available online only. Students should use the following links to access online tutoring: 
  6. Effective immediately, please use the grab-and-go options in dining services and practice social distancing while eating.


Will the Wee Care Center be open so I can drop off my child?

The Wee Care Center is closed until further notice. 


Will the Student Life and Wellness Center be open?

The fitness center, bowling alley, and game section in the Student Life and Wellness Center (SLWC) are closed through May 1; all other SLWC services remain open.


How can I access Student Health Services (SHS)?

Please see for information on how to access SHS. SHS is not a test site for COVID-19. If you are presenting COVID-19 symptoms, please call SHS at 801-863-8876 rather than coming to campus. SHS will answer questions and give referrals to COVID-19 testing. You may also call 1-800-465-7707 if you are worried about whether you may have COVID-19. That line is monitored by the Utah Health Department. You can also reach out to IHC through a virtual COVID-19 symptom checker at .


What resources are available at Student Health Services?

The following resources are available:


Do you have tips to help me manage my stress and/or anxiety related to COVID-19? 

Yes. SHS has resources available to help students that are dealing with stress and/or anxiety related to COVID-19. Here are additional resources:


How can I access food resources?

In order for the UVU Food Pantry to continue to show exceptional care for our UVU community, we have moved to an online ordering system. Students, faculty, and staff will be able to select the items they need and pick up their order on a designated day. To learn more about this system or to place an order, please visit the UVU Food Pantry website.

If you have children, all area school districts have been authorized to offer free grab-and-go breakfasts and lunches for all children ages 0–18. For a list of locations, please contact your child’s school district. 


What if I lost my job due to COVID-19?

Please contact the Department of Workforce Services at to determine additional resources. You can also dial 211 to access the United Way of Utah County or visit


Are there community resources available to students who are facing food or housing insecurity? 

Yes. Please visit to access community resources or dial 211 to access the United Way of Utah County or visit to help support food or housing insecurity. 


What if I can’t pay a bill or have an urgent, unexpected expense? 

If you have a specific expense that threatens your housing, health, or safety, you can apply for the expense to be covered by the UVU emergency fund. These funds are usually given in amounts ranging from $50-$500. You are only eligible for this funding if you have already accepted all grants and/or scholarships available to you. Fill out the emergency fund application to submit your request. 


How do I access Financial Aid? 


Can I get out of my housing contract? 

In consultation with federal, state, and local officials, UVU made the determination that following Spring Break, the remainder of the semester will be delivered in an online format as much as reasonably possible. This was not an easy or light decision, as UVU is aware there are many affected by this decision, including students returning home while still under active rental agreements. The UVU community understands what a difficult situation this creates, but the safety and security of UVU students, faculty, and staff are of the highest importance. The global pandemic COVID-19 virus has created is unprecedented. It has disrupted almost every aspect of daily life. Since UVU is not a party to the rental agreements, UVU unfortunately cannot provide legal advice or representation for students to cancel their housing contracts. We have reached out to several apartment complexes encouraging them and are hopeful the apartment managers will be willing to work with students as their living arrangements have changed. UVU apologizes for the inconvenience this unparalleled change has presented, but this is a developing situation that UVU is trying its best to navigate. Please read through the student FAQ for additional resources that may help you during this time.


What if I travel during the COVID-19 outbreak? 

If you plan to travel for personal reasons or recently traveled out of the state (domestic or international), you MUST fill out UVU's self-reporting travel questionnaire.

Online Classes


How do I know if my classes are going to be online?

Please go to the Canvas site for your course. Your instructor will communicate via Canvas.


Will I keep my same teacher?

Yes, unless there are extenuating circumstances.


What if my teacher cancels my class for the rest of the semester? Am I stuck with the grade that I have right now?

Your teacher should not be cancelling your class. Please contact the department chair or email


My class is a lab and/or applied hands-on class. Will my class be placed online?

Please check Canvas to determine the updated status of your class.


I’m in a group project in my class. How will this work online?

Your teacher will communicate how group projects will function going forward.


Will I need to use Canvas or another program to access my online class?

All courses will be delivered via Canvas.


Who should I contact on campus if I’m having problems accessing my online class?

Please contact Canvas Tier One support at You may also call 385-204-4930.


What if I do not have a computer or internet to participate in online classes?

Laptops and tablets are now available to check out from the UVU Fulton Library to assist with distance learning. Please go to the first floor circulation desk during the FL modified hours. To check out a laptop or tablet, you must provide your UVU ID and be a current undergraduate or graduate student registered for classes. This service is only available to actively enrolled students. Only the student signing this agreement is allowed to pick up a laptop or tablet at check-out. Each active student is limited to one (1) laptop or tablet to check out at a time. Laptops and tablets are subject to availability. The exact model of laptop or tablet requested may not be available when the order is fulfilled.

Comcast is offering additional internet support nationwide during COVID 19; visit


How will I prove my attendance and participation?

You should plan to log in frequently to your Canvas courses (at least three times a week) and engage with your instructor. It would be best to turn on Canvas notifications for alerts related to activity in your class.


Will the lectures be live? 

This will depend on individual instructors.


Can I access archived lectures? 

This will depend on individual instructors.


What if I don’t understand what I’m doing?

Please contact your instructor. If you need basic information on how to use Canvas, a Canvas Tour for Students is online.


Are there resources to help me as I transition to be an online student?

Please visit the Office of Teaching and Learning's Being an Online Student page, which provides you some tricks and tips to help you adjust. You can also contact a Student Success Specialist, who can provide additional assistance.


What if my professor is not responding or I have concerns about how my class is going? 

Please first contact your department chair or dean. If you are not able to resolve your concern after talking to the department please contact for assistance. 


What if I need an accommodation for a class?

Please contact the Office of Accessibility Services. If you have concerns about a current accommodation please work with your Office of Accessibility Services Counselor. 


Do I need a different login? 

No. You will log in to myUVU with your UV ID and password, then click on the Canvas link.


Do I need specialized equipment to access my classes?

Please see basic computer requirements for Canvas. We also recommend that you download the Canvas app from the UVU Canvas website.


How will testing work? Will the tests be proctored somehow? 

Your instructor will notify you about testing procedures.


When will my final exams be held?

Your instructor will provide information on final exams.


If my class started as face-to-face, how will my earlier grades appear in Canvas?

Please discuss grades with your instructor, including how they will be integrated into your final grade.