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Wolverine Public Health Club 

Club Mentor:

Mckelle Cox

Club President:

Hannah Papich 

Mariah Plummer


Wolverine Public Health is the school club for Public health majors. We focus on professional development, service projects, and undergraduate research.

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 Health Care Adminstration Club

Club Mentor:

Heather Thiesset

Club Presidents

Cade Nuckles

McKay Beus


The Healthcare Administration club strives to help students form relationships with community and hospital leaders, learn vital career skills and help students reach their career goals. 

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Professional Organizations

One of the best ways to network and keep updated on local and national health trends is to participate in a professional health organization or association. We recommend several state and national organizations to our students and alumni. These organizations offer annual conferences where CHES/MCHES (Certified Health Education Specialist) credits can be earned. In addition, the national organizations publish peer reviewed journals. Our department has listed a number of recommended organizations. Take time to explore their web pages and get involved.

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Research Projects

Dr. James Bemel's faculty picture

Dr. James Bemel is currently working on research projects regarding electronic cigarette use, financial health, concealed carry within the field of public health, and the impact of the Olympic Games upon physical activity levels. While he may not currently have opportunities for students to assist with these studies in particular, he is always willing to discuss students’ research interests and possibly sponsoring/assisting with those projects. Please feel free to contact him via email. 

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CHES (Certified Health Education Specialist) Study Groups

Our department helps and guides students to achieve their degree in their chosen field. The CHES exam is offered in April and October each year. Student-run study groups generally begin in February and September. Future study groups will be published here.