Williams, Scott David
Associate Professor - Exercise Science/Outdoor Rec
PE 147H
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Scott Williams


Utah Valley University

Department of Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation

800 W. University Parkway

Orem, UT 84058

(801) 863-6760  swilliams@uvu.edu




2005    Ph.D. (A.B.D.) Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management, University of Florida

   Concentration: Environmental Tourism

                        Minor: Sociology


2004    M.S. Management, Warrington Business College, University of Florida


1999      M.S. Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management, University of Florida

Concentration: Tourism Studies


1996      B.A. German Studies, Weber State University, Ogden, UT

Minor: History




2007-present   Assistant Professor

Utah Valley University

Department of Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation


2005-2007       Lecturer

California State University, Northridge

Department of Kinesiology


1998-2005       Instructor

University of Florida

Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management




Wilderness First Responder (2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014)

Leave No Trace Master Educator (2005-present)

American Mountain Guide Association Single Pitch Instructor (2003-2006)

State of Utah "Other River Guide" Certification (2013)




Utah Valley University (August, 2007-Present)

REC 4800: Pre-Internship Seminar (New prep: Course created Fall 2013)

REC 482R: Senior Internship

REC 4500: Wildland Recreation Behavior

REC 4400: Natural Resource and Protected Area Management

REC 3850: Ethical Concerns in Recreation

REC 3200: Inclusive Recreation (New prep: Course created Fall 2012)

REC 3100: Recreation Program Planning

REC 2700: Leave No Trace Trainer (New prep: Course created Fall 2012)

REC 2200: Foundations of Recreation

REC 1580: Kayak Touring (New prep: Course created Fall 2011)

REC 1550: Introduction to Mountain Biking

REC 1535: Introduction to Backpacking


California State University, Northridge (August, 2005-June, 2007)

RTM 595: Trends in Hospitality and Tourism (New prep: Course created Spring 2007 [Graduate Course])

RTM 494: Supervised Internship

RTM 480: Tourism: Issues and Trends

RTM 353: Literature of the Wilderness

RTM 314: Hospitality Industry in Leisure

RTM 310: Adventure Recreation and Human Relations

RTM 304: Entrepreneurial Ventures

RTM 303: Promotion of the Recreation Experience

RTM 251: Recreation and the Natural Environment


University of Florida (January, 2000-May, 2005)

LEI 4940:  Internship in Leisure Management

EDA 4930:  Outdoor Leadership Training

LEI 3400:  Recreation Programming and Leadership

LEI 3830:  Principles of Travel and Tourism

LEI 2000:  Introduction to Recreation

PEM 1376:  Backpacking

PEL 2342:  Tennis II




Attendee: Utah Campus Compact Faculty Retreat (2014)

Attendee: Summer Grant Proposal Writing Program (2013)

Attendee: Service Learning Fellowship, 2009

Attendee: Planning for Student Engagement (UVU Center for Teaching Excellence, 2008)

Attendee/Campus Representative: Outdoor Industry Association Expo (Fall and Winter, 2007-2013)

Attendee: Preparing a Professional Portfolio (UVSC Center for Teaching Excellence, 2007)

Participant: Avalanche Awareness Workshop (2007)




Sierra Club: 1998-present

Association for Outdoor Recreation Education (2002-present)

Leave No Trace, Inc. (2005-present)

Utah Recreation and Parks Association (2007-present)

Association for Experiential Education (2007-present)

Utah Parks and Recreation Association (2007-present)

Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals (2013-present)

International Ecotourism Society (2010-2012)

National Recreation and Parks Association (2001-2007)

International Association for Society and Natural Resources (2004-2007)

California Travel Industry Association (2005-2007)






My research and academic interests encompass a wide range within the field of leisure, outdoor recreation and tourism.  The primary focus is in the area of adventure recreation and travel, with specific interest in individual motivation and contributing social factors.  Further interests include environmental education and tourism in developing countries, with a specific focus on the social, cultural and environmental impacts on host communities.




Williams, S.D. & Gibson, H.  (2004).  The attraction of Switzerland for college skiers

after 9/11: A case study.  Tourism Review International, 8, 85-99.




Williams, S.D. Optimal arousal as a motivator for adventure travel: U.S. tourists in Cuba.  Manuscript in progress; plan to submit to Tourism Review International summer 2015.


Lindley, B.L. & Williams, S.D. Implications and perceptions of crowding in Wilderness adjacent to Utah’s Wasatch Front.  Manuscript in progress; plan to submit to International Journal of Wilderness spring 2015.




Tino, G., Williams, S.D., & Kosseff, A. (2014, November).  A survey of outdoor program hiring practices and policies.  Survey results presented at Association for Outdoor Recreation Education (AORE), Portland, OR.


Lindley, B.R., Williams, S.D., & Linford, Q.  (2014, September).  Timpanogos Wilderness Area research project findings.  Presentation of research findings to United States Forest Service personnel during Wilderness Act 50th Anniversary Program, Timpanogos Cave National Monument, UT.  *Student Involvement


Williams, S.D., Lindley, B.R., Linford, Q., Broadbent, A, & Butler, C. (2014, June).  Implications and perceptions of crowding in Wilderness adjacent to Utah’s Wasatch Front.  Poster presentation at Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals (SORP), San Francisco, CA.  *Student Involvement


Williams, S.D., Broadbent, A., Reynolds, A., Kofford, C., & Blaser, C.  (2014, March).  Poster presentation of Nature to the Classroom project for UVU’s Engagement Week Celebration.  *Student Involvement


Williams, S.D., Broadbent, A., & Reynolds, A. (2014, March).  Bringing nature into the classroom.  Paper presented at Utah Recreation and Parks Association (URPA), St. George, UT.  *Student Involvement


Williams, S.D. & Lindley, B.R. (2014, January).  Student engagement for the public good: Collaborative work on public lands.  Presentation at Utah Campus Compact Moab Faculty Retreat, Moab, UT.


Williams, S.D. (2011, February).  Experiential Education 101: What is it? Why it works and how it can make a difference.  Presentation at Association of Experiential Education Rocky Mountain Region Conference, Orem, UT.

Williams, S.D. & Lindley, B.R. (2010, November).  Incorporating service learning into the college curriculum.  Presentation at Association of Experiential Education International Conference, Las Vegas, NV.


Lindley, B. & Williams, S. D. (2008, March).  Experiential learning in the classroom.  Best Practices Seminar presented to UVU faculty for Center for Teaching Excellence.


Chambers, D., Kay, G., Williams, S.D., & Carter, T. (2004, October). Incorporating minimum impact into your programs.  Paper presented at the International Conference on Outdoor Recreation and Education (ICORE), Montgomery Bell State Park, TN.


Williams, S.D. & Thapa, B.  (2004, September). Tourism and special events in small

communities: A case study of Cedar Key, Florida.  Paper presented at the

National Extension Tourism Conference, Orlando, Florida.


Williams, S.D.  (2004, June).  Cross-cultural differences between Germany and the

United States in lifestyle, leisure and work.  Paper presented at Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany.

Gibson, H., Williams, S.D., & Pennington-Gray, L.  (2003, September).  Destination images and benefits sought from an international ski and snowboard trip: A follow-up study.  Paper presented at the European Association for Sport Management Congress, Stockholm, Sweden. 


Williams, S.D. (2003, March).  Benefits sought and images held by college skiers in Switzerland. Paper presented at the Graduate & Professional Student Forum, Gainesville, Florida.




Linford, Q., Williams, S.D., & Lindley, B.R. (2014).  Mt. Timpanogos: An investigation into visitor motives and perceptions.  Paper presented at Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research, Provo, UT.


Broadbent, A., Lindley, B.R., & Williams, S.D. (2014).  A singular sense of place: Mt. Timpanogos’ peculiar visitorship.  Paper presented at Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research, Provo, UT.


Linford, Q., Williams, S.D., & Lindley, B.R.  (2014).  Mt. Timpanogos: An investigation into visitor motives and perceptions.  Paper presented at Utah Recreation and Parks Association, St. George, UT.




Williams, S.D. & McFarlane, J.  (2009). [Managing conflict among different user groups in American Fork Canyon].  Unpublished raw data.

  • Collaborative information gathering with USDA Forest Service and UVU students


Anderson, S., Williams, S.D., & Autry, C.E. (2007).  [An investigation of the autotelic lifestyle of the ocean cruiser].  Unpublished raw data, later published as Lusby, C.M, Autry, C.E., & Anderson, S.C. (2012).  Community, life satisfaction and motivation in ocean cruising: Comparative findings.  World Leisure Journal, 54, 310-321.


U.S. Forest Service National Visitor Use Monitoring Program.  (2003).

  • Collected data and interviewed visitors on-site in Colville National Forest, WA
  • Monitored site use and Forest Pass compliance in National Forests throughout Washington


Economic impact study of state high school playoffs (2003).

  • Collected data for University of Florida Center for Tourism Research and Development at Florida high school football playoffs


Williams, S.D.  (2002). The effect of trip participation on student environmental attitudes. Unpublished manuscript.

  • Developed pre- and post-trip questionnaire to measure the effect of environmental education on participants of University-sponsored outdoor trips
  • Entered and analyzed data and submitted report to Office of Student Activities




Donation from Anonymous Grantor.  Donation to fund Nature to the Classroom (Fall 2013) $3,300

  • Currently funded for one year with potential for annual funding


Scholarly Activities Committee Grant (with Betsy Lindley), Utah Valley University (Spring 2013) $3,145


Institute for Professional Engagement Grant (with Betsy Lindley), Utah Valley University (Fall 2009) $580


Community of Engaged Learners Grant, Utah Valley University (Fall 2008)






Nature to the Classroom: Co-founder and faculty advisor (2013-present)

Trails Working Group member, United States Forest Service (2011-present)

Textbook Reviewer: Connect: Get Active, McGraw Hill (2013)

Reviewer: URPA Intermountain Leisure Symposium (2013)

AEE Regional Planning/Host Committee, Assistant to the Convener (2010)

Board Member: American Outdoor Academy, Orem, UT (2008-2010)

Judge: Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair (2008)

Friends of the Los Angeles River (2006-2007) 

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (2005-2007)

Volunteer: NRPA (1998, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005)

AORE Environmental Stewardship Committee (2003-2005)

Fundraising Committee: Technische Universität Darmstadt Exchange (2003-2004)




Utah Valley University

Ethics Awareness Week Committee, moderator, session organizer (2013)

Faculty Advisor: UVU Ski and Snowboard Club (2013-present)

UVU Environmental Ethics Week, volunteer, moderator (2012)

UVU Sustainability Committee (2008-present)

Capitol Reef Field Station Committee (2008-2012)

Internship Advisor: Dept. of Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation (2007-present)

Outcomes and Assessment Coordinator: Dept. of Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation (2007-present)

Bachelor of Integrated Studies Thesis Committee Member: Skyler Macdonald (2011)

Master’s Thesis Committee Member: Matthew McGrath, CSU Northridge master’s student (2008)

Collaboration of REC 3100 with Continuing Education: Capitol Reef Field Station Celebration (February 2008)

Collaboration of REC 3100 with Continuing Education: Disney Institute (March 2008)


California State University, Northridge

Member: College of Health and Human Development Commencement Committee (2005-2007)

Faculty Advisor: Recreation Majors Association (2005-2007)

Fraternity Faculty Advisor: Sigma Chi Fraternity (2006-2007)

Member: Departmental Graduate Committee (2006-2007)

Host and Planning Committee Member: Tokiwa University Exchange (Los Angeles, CA, 2007)

Restructured and rewrote outdoor emphasis curriculum for Department (2007)

Wrote course curriculum for Costa Rica study abroad (2007)

Wrote course curriculum for Maui, HI travel course (2007)

Wrote graduate course curriculum for travel and tourism emphasis (2006)

Founded Department’s Friday Outdoors program (2005)


University of Florida

Reviewer: Journal of Society and Natural Resources (2003-3005)

Invitee: Technische Universität Darmstadt - University of Florida Exchange

Vice-President and founding member: Departmental Graduate Organization

Student Representative: Departmental Strategic Planning Committee




Lead Facilitator:  CSU, Northridge High Ropes Challenge Course (2005-2008)

  • Facilitated and supervised leadership and team building activities on low and high ropes elements for corporate and University groups.


Sea Kayak Guide: AquaSports, Santa Barbara, CA (2006-2008)

  • Guided kayaking groups by sea kayak through Channel Islands National Park


Rockclimbing Guide: University of Florida (2000-2002)

  • Planned and guided beginning and intermediate trips for student groups


Kayaking Guide: University of Florida (2000-2002)

  • Planned and guided sea kayaking trips for student groups


Program Advisor: Travel and Recreation Program, University of Florida (1999-2002)

  • Hired and trained student leaders; planned and facilitated travel for University groups; managed budgeting, planning and marketing; managed retail store. 


Outdoor Guide: University of Florida (1999-2002)

  • Guided the following trips as needed: Skiing/snowboarding, backpacking, canoeing


Program Advisor: Women in the Wilderness, University of Florida (1999-2001)

  • U.S.’s first women’s-only campus outdoor organization


Kayak Guide: Coastal Kayaks Company, St. Augustine, FL (1998-2001)

  • Guided groups, taught lessons and managed retail shop


Habilitation Therapist: Avatar Inc., Ogden, UT (1994-1997)

  • Programmed for at-risk youth and individuals with traumatic brain injuries




Backpacking, sea kayaking, canyoneering, rockclimbing, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, ropes course facilitation




Fluent in English and German