Matheson, Phil
Professor - Physics
(801) 863-7161
(801) 863-8064
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Physics Department Chair
Phil Matheson has been at UUV since 2001 

Currently teaches:

PHYS 3300, Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences
PHYS 2015, Physics for Scientists and Engineers I Lab
PHYS 490R, Colloquium

Current research interests include:

Modeling perturbed angular correlation experiments
(Click the link at right for the most recent paper)
Electric propulsion and MHD rockets
Alternative energy systems

Previously has taught:

PHYS 1010 Conceptual Physics
PHYS/ASTR 1040 Astronomy
PHYS 1800 Energy, the Environment and You
PHYS 2020 College Physics II
PHYS 2210 Physics For Scientists and Engineers I
PHYS 2220 Physics For Scientists and Engineers II
PHYS 3010 Physics Laboratories for Secondary Education
PHYS 3220 Intermediate Physics Lab II
PHYS 3400 Classical Mechanics
PHYS 3800 Energy Use on Earth
PHYS 4410 Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 4420 Electrodynamics